Cork’s Best Kept Secret is Out: Naphisa Boutique launches its Spring/Summer Collection

Cork’s Best Kept Secret is Out: Naphisa Boutique launches its Spring/Summer Collection

One of Cork’s best kept fashion secrets is out. Specialising in New and Nearly New high-end Designer Labels at a fraction of the original cost , Naphisa Boutique is one of Cork City’s most exclusive boutiques.

With designers such as Miu Miu, Jimmy Choo, Versus by Versace, Gucci and Dolce & Gabbana sit comfortably beside Guess and Forever Unique.  Accessories are also catered for with DKNY  and Tutti and Co. UK which has unique and funky pieces and are perfect gifts for the lady who has everything. There is also a fabulous selection of shoes available.

 Located on the first floor of 4 Cook Street in Cork, one would be forgiven for passing the innocuous doorway and not realizing the Aladdin’s Cave of fashion that is nestled inside. But for those inclined to venture upstairs, and for the loyal clientele who have been availing of this boutique’s services for a number of years, a treasure trove of high-end designer pieces awaits. The personal touch is evident the moment one walks in the door. From the elegant French Consul Table with an array of simple but beautiful jewellery & accessories to the warm welcome given to every person who enters the boutique, entering Naphisa is a wonderful experience from start to finish. The atmosphere in the store is one of relaxed tranquility, a haven away from the bustling city centre below.

For the more discerning shopper, Naphisa represents an incredible find. Boutique Managers, Marion and Deirdre, each of whom have worked in Naphisa for a number of years, have each added their own personal touch to the boutique.

Naphisa is a boutique for the person who has an individually distinct style and who has an appreciation for the time and effort put into fabulous designer creations.

Speaking about the boutique, store manager Deirdre Hourihan said, “The clients who come through the doors of Naphisa are a mix of all different ages and lifestyles but they all have one thing in common; they are looking for quality and a unique shopping experience. We know most of our clients extremely well and we know the styles which will suit them. Often, when a new piece comes in, myself or Marion will know who would like and it and we will often call the client to let them know about the garment and give them the option of trying it on. Because of this, we have a very loyal clientele.”

“The most attractive aspect of the store for our customers is the ‘one-off’ nature of most of our garments. People like to know they have a unique piece that other people won’t have and that they have a classic designer piece that will last them for years to come. With a lot of my clients, I now find that mothers are bringing their daughters in to us so we have a new generation of fashion-conscious ladies coming to the store. Just recently we have joined Facebook and the reaction to this has been incredible. Customers can now see what we have in store the minute it arrives and we have had such a great response to this. It’s a great facility for existing customers and it has attracted an exceptional an=mount of new customers over the past few weeks.”

For further information on Naphisa follow us on Facebook, Shop online at or call (021) 4273787

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