Earth Day: Young People From YMCA Dublin Rejuvenates Local Community Garden

To celebrate Earth Day on the 22nd of April, a group of young people from YMCA Dublin take environmental action to rejuvenate a local community garden as part of YMCA Dublin’s ongoing efforts to support community development and the environment. This year’s theme is ‘Invest In Our Earth.’


With increasing concerns around climate change, YMCA Dublin are asking others to play their part and to invest in the Earth, no matter how small the action is. 


Abigail Nwogu from YMCA Dublin said “Planting flowers and looking after our greenery is so important to keep pollination and wildlife thriving while also purifying our air. Not only does this garden help our environment but it also creates a space in our community for everyone to relax and enjoy.”


YMCA Dublin is one of the oldest registered charities in the world, working with communities in inner city Dublin since 1849.  The Iveagh Trust has partnered with YMCA Dublin to create the community garden where young people can explore nature and be empowered as they cultivate and grow a space of their own. 


Kathryn O’Mahony, CEO of YMCA Dublin stated, “At YMCA, we are always actively looking for opportunities to invest in our communities and make an impact, on both the young lives we work with but also the wider area around us. We love days like today, where we can see our work align with wider movements, like Earth Day. We’d like to encourage others to join in and invest in our Earth” 


“There’s so many incredible benefits to getting involved in environmental action, not only on a worldwide level but for individuals also. Being amongst nature can help relieve stress and anxieties, so this community garden is a really great resource for our area and for the young people that live here.” 


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