An Oasis of Calm for Cork - Official opening of ‘Terrace on the Weir’ at The River Lee Hotel

An Oasis of Calm for Cork - Official opening of ‘Terrace on the Weir’ at The River Lee Hotel

22 January 2015

The River Lee Hotel has officially launched its 'Terrace on the Weir’ - a stunning, unique and tranquil setting that has been skilfully renovated through a significant investment from its owners, the Doyle Collection.

‘Terrace on the Weir’, which was completed in just two weeks with insightful and forward-thinking design concepts and execution, offers a wonderfully intimate and sophisticated setting in which to relax and unwind.

Nestled in the leafy waterside setting, by day, the terrace is the ideal secluded spot to soak up the winter and summer sun, atmosphere, colours and scenic surrounds. While, once night falls, the terrace transitions into an exceptional venue for small events and a stylish and intimate nook for friends and families to bask in and enjoy the hotel’s award-winning food, cocktails and entertainment.

Hotel General Manager, Ruairi O’Connor said the terrace, which has already won a Cork Business Association Better Build Award 2014 for its enhancement of the riverside, design, innovation represents a very worthwhile investment and a unique and exciting new dimension for guests and the public.

“The space was created with craft and care which I believe is evident to all those who enjoy it. Versatility is its defining feature – it is the perfect, warm and comfortable location for a leisurely breakfast or brunch, a quiet business lunch, or a lively after-work cocktail under the magic and golden glow of festoon lighting suspended from the roof.”

With a capacity of 50, ‘Terrace on the Weir’ was designed to allow year-round pleasure of its dramatic water’s edge setting, no matter the weather or season. The indoor – outdoor space features a fully retractable roof and window system that can, in seconds, transform the terrace from an open pergola to a warm, cosy and comfortable conservatory.

The terrace’s Zen and garden-like atmosphere is reinforced by the use of large fern and olive trees, timber framed sofas and armchairs, with custom-made tables made from raw cedar wood, the scent from which infuses the air with a delicious and discernible scent.

The River Lee Hotel is a member of the Doyle Collection and is situated on Western Road in Cork City. The Doyle Collection comprises eight luxury hotels in five key cities – Cork, Dublin (The Westbury Hotel and The Croke Park Hotel), London, Bristol and Washington DC.

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