70% of people find broadband offers over-complicated and misleading

70% of people find broadband offers over-complicated and misleading

12 March 2015

A recent survey of the general public has revealed that 70% of respondents felt that broadband packages are overly complex and structured in a way that hides important details, leaving customers at a loss as to what’s the best value for money.

Managing Director of Nova Broadband Dave Mc Donald says “This is not a surprising statistic as I've heard it from many people before who are trying to compare broadband providers. It can be a nightmare to decipher offers on websites, especially with many companies advertising a headline monthly rate which only lasts for a few months when you read the small print. I think now, at a time when consumers are making more informed choices, providers should not be allowed to get away with providing over complicated packages that hide vital details”.

The survey, which was carried out by Nova Broadband, involved customers of all broadband major providers, also found that over 35% of respondents would describe their broadband as ‘unreliable’ and over 50% were not happy with their current broadband provider.

These findings come on the back of a time when customers are facing price hikes from their broadband providers and are shopping around and looking for the best package available. Dave explains, “Many broadband providers are currently increasing prices of their monthly subscriptions, for example, Eircom, Vodafone and Three. For the last 5 years in a row we have been rated Ireland’s number 1 rated broadband service by www.ratemyisp.ie, and in order to achieve this we make sure our customers get a great service and stay with us for the long term, therefore we do not hike our prices.”

Nova Broadband is located in Harbour Point Business Park, in Little Island in Cork and is currently dedicated to providing high-quality, reliable broadband services to both business and residential customers in the Munster region.

Due to a phenomenally high demand for their service, they are currently carving out expansion plans.

See www.novabroadband.ie for further details.