13 October 2015

Deliveroo, the food delivery service that brings high-quality local restaurant meals to your door in less than 30 minutes, has officially launched its services in Cork. As part of its European expansion, Deliveroo is rolling out its services in Cork city centre; with plans for further growth in the coming months. The company is set to recruit upwards of 30 drivers over the coming months, and has partnered with a number of high profile restaurants for its full service, home-delivery solution.


Cork is the second city in Ireland to welcome Deliveroo as part of the company’s expansion following a $100 million investment, led by Europe’s largest Investors Accel Partners and Index Ventures, as well as Irish entrepreneur Jolt’s Dylan Collins.


Deliveroo takes a fresh approach to food delivery, as it offers the high standard of restaurant quality food with the luxury of short order take away delivery time. Some of Cork City’s favourite restaurants such as Café Gusto, Rocket Man and Gourmet Bistro Burger can now be delivered straight to your door. With an average delivery time of 30 minutes, the customer is offered real-time visibility through the Deliveroo app on every step of the food preparation and delivery process.


Speaking about Deliveroo’s expansion to Cork, Oliver Dewhurst, General Manager of Deliveroo in Ireland said “After an extremely successful launch in Dublin in April, Cork was the ideal next step in our Irish expansion as the true foodie-capital of Ireland. We take care of the ordering and delivery infrastructure, and allow restaurants to focus on making great food. Our drivers then deliver food with a prompt and friendly service straight to customers’ doors.”


Restaurants benefitting from Deliveroo’s driver logistics platform in Dublin have seen great advantages already, as their food now arrives hotter and faster than ever before. Restaurant owner of Asador in Dublin, Shane Mitchell stated “Working with Deliveroo extends our ability to deliver high quality food to customers beyond our premises, increase revenue and grow customers without having to change a single element of our operation. With Deliveroo’s functionality, we can simply turn on an entire ordering and delivery service when we need to without concerns about additional overheads for our business.”


Deliveroo established its Irish office in 2014 and has recruited a team from high profile companies such as Groupon, Hailo and the Dublin Web Summit. Recently Forbes listed Deliveroo as one of its 24 companies to become a future billion dollar company.

To find out more about Deliveroo in Cork, visit www.deliveroo.ie or follow @Deliveroo_Cork.