Gaeltacht Company fueling Greek homes and businesses

Gaeltacht Company fueling Greek homes and businesses

01 March 2021

Firebird, based in the heart of the Gaeltacht in Co Cork has secured a €1 million contract to supply its bespoke boilers to thousands of homes and businesses in Greece and Cyprus.


Headquartered in Baile Mhic Íre and with sites in Northern Ireland and England, Firebird is a global leader in designing and manufacturing high performance solutions for the domestic and commercial heating market.


The contract secured with Thermogroup based in Thessalonica, Greece is a significant achievement for Firebird which supplies boilers across the globe to locations such as New Zealand, the Middle East, Falkland Islands and many countries across Europe. 


Firebird was awarded the Thermogroup contract for its innovative designs and flexibility to cater to all the permutations of boilers required for the range of domestic and commercial premises in the Greek market. It’s all system go as Firebird is already in the process of shipping its boilers to Greece for distribution. 


“This is a significant contract for Firebird which will enable us to grow and increase our market size and increase our ability to meet customer needs,” stated Mark Doyle, General Manager of Firebird. 


“While I’ve no doubt that our innovative designs and solution-focused approach was pivotal to securing the business, it was the close relationship and understanding we forged with Thermogroup in recent years which played an important factor in its decision to choose Firebird. Our cultures are similar and we can relate to their way of doing business which is in many ways like ours, it’s relatable and personal and built on trust. They know that we deliver innovation and are assured that we are ahead of the curve on environmental obligations and European regulatory standards.”


Thomas Koubaros, Engineering Manager from Thermogroup stated:“We’re proud to do business and partner with our Irish supplier Firebird. It was no easy task to design and deliver on the very many permutations and outputs that we require for our market and they exceeded our expectations. We greatly value our relationship with Firebird and even have the Cork hurling jerseys to prove it!”


With a clear focus on renewables and sustainability, Firebird has invested heavily in developing products with increased fuel efficiency, reduced emissions and products that use more renewable and sustainable fuel sources.


“We pride ourselves on our innovation and quality but our key differentiator is how we have the most technologically advanced and energy efficient heating options on the market,” explained Mark Doyle, General Manager of Firebird. 


“We pushed the boundaries on renewable energy to become the only manufacturer of boilers in Europe with Nitrogen Oxide (NO͓͓) emissions that are 50% lower than the European limit.”


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