05 July 2021

A new national occupational health service has been launched by two leading medical specialists to support businesses to navigate the ever-increasing occupational health challenges and requirements for the return to work.


McDonnell Hill, founded by Cork doctors Dr Susan Hill and Dr Conor McDonnell, experts in the field of private and public sector occupational health, delivers occupational health solutions to SMEs and large corporations across the country.


The demand for occupational health support has never been greater with the need for the correct return to work policies and pathways on the radar for companies along with supporting and managing concerns, anxiety and uncertainty for staff as well as fitness to work assessments.


McDonnell Hill’s flexible operating model with a team of occupational health physicians across Ireland, allows for its healthcare services to be effectively and efficiently delivered remotely. Its client-focused services which are tailored to meet the needs of its clients include case management, pre-employment screening medical assessments and Covid 19 consultancy. 


According to Dr Susan Hill, managing the safe return to work puts increased pressure on business owners and managers to ensure they are compliant and meet their health and safety obligations to their employees.


“While Ireland’s vaccination programme has made significant headway, Covid vulnerability risk assessments and risk stratification for certain employees will remain a requirement for many businesses when managing the safe return to work for staff,” Dr Hill stated.


Co-founder Dr Conor McDonnell stated: “We launched McDonnell Hill to offer and deliver a specialist service to the corporate market to ensure that the occupational health services provided are the most relevant services for the client, the role and the employee.”


Dr McDonnell explained how, in the context of new corporate legislation, there will be even greater obligations for employers in terms of ensuring the correct occupational health services are available to support staff and the business. 


“By early 2022 and in the space of approx.12 months, we will have had the introduction of the Right to Disconnect, Code of Practice for Employers and Employees on the Prevention and Resolution of Bullying at Work and the new Statutory Sick Pay Scheme which will all have a cross-over into occupational health,” stated Dr McDonnell.


“Case management services are a key early intervention to sickness absence which provides support to both the employer and the employee. This is another key area of occupational health which will no doubt see increased demand in the near future.”


For more information, visit mcdonnellhill.ie