New Venture to Provide an Enterprise Solution for European

New Venture to Provide an Enterprise Solution for European

14 September 2010

A new joint venture has been announced between Waveform Solutions Ltd, a wireless and mobile solutions provider, and Kemek Ltd, an explosive manufacturer and the parent group of both Ulster and Irish Industrial Explosives. The joint venture, Dangerous Goods Tracking Ltd, was created as a solution to a new E.U. Directive on the “Identification and Traceability of explosives for civil uses”

The company is the culmination of a long standing business relationship between the two Irish companies which began in 1995 when Waveform Solutions installed an advanced barcode tracking system at the Ulster Industrial Explosives manufacturing site in Northern Ireland. The system allowed Ulster Industrial Explosives to track the movement of its cartridge product in a high security and regulated marketplace. Over the past sixteen years the system has been tweaked and improved forming the basis of the DG Tracking Solution.

Director of Dangerous Goods Tracking Ltd Eoin Bartley says; “The European Directive on Identification and Traceability implemented in 2009 provided the catalyst for our new company. We knew we had a solution that we have developed over the past sixteen years as well as an excellent working relationship. Failure to comply with the regulations can result in a supplier being removed from the approved suppliers list and in some cases, the consignment returned to the supplier. Our system has been tried and tested and will combat this while also offering an invaluable business information system and peace of mind to clients”

Alan Carroll MD of Waveform Solutions says; “This new venture combines expertise and in depth knowledge of both bar coding and tracking systems  with appreciation and understanding of the challenges facing those producing and managing dangerous goods including explosives.  The DG Tracker solution allows clients track and trace explosive products throughout their life cycle at individual item level. This solution can be offered to companies outside of Ireland and we are hoping to create new jobs through this new joint venture”

Dangerous Goods LTD are currently  installed in two Kemek Sites in Ireland and DG Tracking Ltd are currently in discussion with several key European Explosives manufacturers in terms of deploying the DG Tracker solution into their businesses. For more information please see  or email or call 01 6549900