Dig deep into your Irish heritage with Know Thy Place Irish company launches unique service to trace your roots

16 February 2011

Dig deep into your Irish heritage with Know Thy PlaceIrish company launches unique service to trace your rootsA new and unique heritage service has just been launched by a company called Know Thy Place Ltd, based in Little Island, Cork. Using high quality archaeological research, the ‘Know Thy Place’ service provides an overview of the history and archaeology of a town or town land from the earliest human settlers up to modern times. The research is then distilled into a fascinating wall chart which traces your roots. Know Thy Place is a perfect service for anyone who really wants to explore the archaeology of their home place or birth place.

Genealogy has come a long way in recent years, particularly with regard to Ireland and Irish Heritage.“ If you are lucky you may be able to trace your family back three centuries” says Company Director Colm Moloney.” If you want to go back further in time, a time before written records began, archaeology is your answer. Perhaps there was once a fairy fort in your back garden, or maybe your townland played host to prehistoric rituals! We are all constructs of the past – even the world’s most powerful man, President of the United States, Barack Obama. Know Thy Place Ltd explored the Irish origins of Obama’s ancestral home and found evidence of over 5000 years of settlement. His ancestral place Moneygall was the centre of a rich archaeological landscape populated by ringforts and the farms of local lords during the early medieval period. Know Thy Place can help you trace your roots back to the mysterious millennia before history, creating an historic chart of your place of birth,” continued Moloney.Ireland has been inhabited by people for around 10,000 years and these people left clues to their presence and their activities everywhere they went. These clues can be read by an experienced archaeologist from Know They Place who will piece together the ancient origins of your ancestral home through an investigation. “If you can tell us where your people came from, we can build a story of the archaeology of that place for up to 10,000 years, a context for the development of your family!” continued Moloney.Archaeologists working for Know Thy Place will trawl through the many archives that exist for Irish archaeology and track down every known monument in Thy Place. The resulting information will be compiled in the story of your birth place from the earliest times – possibly going back 10,000 years! The end product is a beautifully illustrated wall chart which provides maps and information about the archaeology and history of your place. So if you’ve always suspected you lived beside Brian Boru or have a feeling your ancestors helped build Newgrange, Know Thy Place can trace your archaeological roots to create an historic chart of where you really come from! For further information go to www.knowthyplace.com