Irish Agricultural Experts Bring New Technology to China

Irish Agricultural Experts Bring New Technology to China

20 August 2012

Leading experts in farming practice and technological advances, The Farm Store, will travel to Shanghai later this month by special invitation from some of China's biggest dairy and beef farmers.

China's foremost farmers extended the invitation in a bid to learn more about Home n' Dry, the protein based system in which The Farm Store has extensive knowledge, having sold the product for over 12 years, as well as in using on their own farms. Home n' Dry, which is used to create Alkagrain, the most effective way to utilise home grown grain, actively increases the value of grain in the diet of animals without the associated drying costs.

Hugh Sisk, owner and Managing Director of The Farm Store who makes the journey this August said "Having travelled extensively in China, it has become obvious to me that a more affluent population is demanding more westernised menus, and that dairy products are now also very prevalent in supermarkets, which traditionally would not have been the case. This in turn has increased the demand for beef, poultry, and pig meat along with milk; the scale of which is so immense that the agricultural industry is struggling to cope with this demand. Having visited farms and various agricultural businesses there, I have seen an appetite unequalled anywhere in the world to increase yields and animal performance from limited resources, and this is where Home n' Dry comes into play."

The consumption of grain worldwide is becoming a limiting factor, which is evident in today's high world prices and is exasperated by extreme climatic conditions. Like farmers worldwide, those in China face higher protein prices, so the introduction of Home n' Dry is sure to be met with delight, as it will allow them to preserve, store and feed all types of grain, straw and wholecrop without specialist storage, drying and further processing, enabling them to reduce their reliance on protein.

On his trip to China, Hugh will highlight how the addition of Home n' Dry will enable them to maximise their home grown forages and grain crops. If maximising yield and increasing meat conversion intakes is a limiting factor, the Home n' Dry process of providing an alkaline buffer optimises the intake of high starch ingredients leading to higher yields. Hugh commented "Farming anywhere in the world is about maximising your resources competitively; and this is why we have been invited back by some of China's biggest beef and dairy producers - to relay our experience and knowledge in using this fantastic technology which we have trialled and tested over 12 years."

Founded in 1976, The Farm Store, with stores in Bandon and Belgooly, Co. Cork, is a locally owned operation that has grown considerably through the years, while remaining committed to the same local style business philosophy that has been the foundation of their success. There is a huge drive from within the business to discover new and better quality agri products that meet the needs of farmers today. Hugh and his team use their vast experience to spot gaps in the market, and test new agri products in a "real" farm environment before stocking them, ensuring only the best and most suitable are selected.

Hugh concluded "20 years of R&D has gone into creating Home n' Dry, and for us, this is key - we only promote products we trust and are happy to use ourselves. We strive to provide products that meet the needs of the modern farmer, and it is an honour that this has now been recognised as far afield as China."

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