REPs Ireland recognised by European Health & Fitness Association

REPs Ireland recognised by European Health & Fitness Association

26 November 2013

REPS Ireland (Register of Exercise Professionals) has been formally recognised by the European Health & Fitness Association (EHFA) as the National Competent Body (NCB) to quality assure exercise professionals and education and training providers in Ireland, in relation to industry occupational standards. 

This announcement was made at the 4th EHFA International Standards Meeting in Budapest on Thursday 21st November.

As a result, all exercise professionals registered with REPs Ireland will now have direct recognition by the European Register of Exercise Professionals (EREPs), which will ensure mobility of employment across the European Union.

This is an addition to the already established access to other national registers worldwide that REPs Ireland registered professionals are entitled to as a result of REPs Ireland being a full member of the International Confederation of Registers of Exercise Professionals (ICREPs).

This new agreement ensures that REPs Ireland and its members will be at the forefront of all future developments in Europe. Mark McManus, the Registrar of REPs Ireland commented "This is an important step in the development of the Irish National Register of Exercise Professionals. Since the launch of REPs Ireland 5 years ago, great progress has been made in the development of Irish quality assurance procedures based around the EHFA occupational standards.” 

Harm Tegelaars, President of EHFA, commented that "We are taking very careful steps to ensure we are building permanent structures and the addition of REPs Ireland marks very significant progress. Our standards council has done an incredible job in creating such a high quality outcome through our sector qualification framework, and the occupational standards we now have available are the backbone of this progress, as shown by this recognition of REPs Ireland.

”As a result of this recognition of REPs Ireland by EHFA, all exercise professionals and approved education providers will now be listed on the EREPs website and public register. 

REPs Ireland can now offer their members and approved education providers, access to European and worldwide employment and business opportunities.

REPs Ireland independently operates the national register of exercise professionals on behalf of Ireland Active, which is the Irish national health and fitness representative body.

For more information contact REPs Ireland at or call 00353 (0)21 4856460.