Irish Wealth Management Company Reports Big Wins In 2010

Irish Wealth Management Company Reports Big Wins In 2010Quintas Wealth Management is delighted to report that their investment products matured last year with an average return of 20% in 2010. Over the last two years, Quintas has become a provider of niche structured products in the Irish market. It has successfully launched 10 products covering general equities, hard commodities, private equity and soft commodities.

Quintas Wealth Management has garnered a reputation for its innovative and client-centred approach to wealth management. It has sourced, structured and accumulated assets on behalf of its clients in excess of €250 million. These investments are spread both geographically across continents and sectors to include real estate, private equity and renewable energy projects. David O’Shea, Investment Director for Quintas said, “The bottom line is that we have launched 10 products in the last 18 months with 7 producing an average annualised return of 20% p.a.  We expect the rest of these products to mature in the coming months.”

O’Shea has 10 years’ experience as a Trader and Portfolio Manager, having developed knowledge and expertise in the Asset Management Industry in Italy and Switzerland. He brings a proven track record of managing a wide array of investment products and success in developing investment portfolios for clients.Key to success in O’Shea’s view is a focus on liquidity, giving clients control, and giving him control, because he is essentially a risk manager. “Our products are more favourable than a lot of what is out there at the  moment, because they’re about good ideas, market timing and crucially, liquidity, an element which I see as absent from the majority of investment products offered elsewhere currently. We prefer to make early pay-outs – this is made possible by structuring the idea around a shorter time frame than normal.”  O’Shea continued.“Irish investors tend to be Irishcentric and conservative, willing to forgo return in exchange for capital security.  Hence the fact that many investors will lock their money away for 5 years with small probabilities of success, simply to insure they get back the same amount of money at the end of the investment.  The only winners in this type of investment are the sales agents.  What investors should consider is what they could have done with that money over such a long period.  So the challenge facing the Irish industry is to break away from the old methods and products and provide Irish investors with ideas, innovation and choice.  That’s the challenge we are taking up.”O’Shea is very clear on what makes the Quintas portfolio different from other investment products “There is always a back story to our products – as opposed to the same equity linked products you will find typically from banks.  We work with an idea and extensively research it. It is important for us to go back to clients with different ideas and not simply rehashing old products.  We then take considerable care in how we structure that idea.  By this I mean we consider what is the best time frame, should we include certain pay out features, can we arrange for early pay-outs, what capital protection can we secure and so on,” concluded O’SheaOne such product is the Sugar Twin-Win – in Spring of 2010. Quintas saw a good opportunity in the Sugar market to make a very quick return for clients.  Using inflated Sugar process it structured an investment idea that returned 5% in a single week for clients.  Another commodity investment product, the Agri-Accumulator, developed by the investment team in house, allows investors the opportunity to benefit from the potential increases in specific agricultural commodity prices (cocoa, coffee, wheat and sugar) over a five year period with a potential for 10% return per 6 month semester. The rationale behind the Agri-Accumulator is that commodity investing offers the potential for uncorrelated returns with traditional asset classes such as equities and bonds, while also providing a hedge against inflation.  The Agri-Accumulator is a maximum 5 Year Investment, but keeping with Quintas’ focus on shorter term investment offerings, there is potential for early repayment every 6 months.  Investors lock or “accumulate” a fixed 10% return every 6 months once the 4 agricultural indices do not fall below 75% of their initial value.


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