Jackson Corley: from spinal injury to a ‘Life Without Limits’

In 2008, Jackson Corley, a chiropractor for over 20 years, was seriously injured following a mountain-bike accident that left him with three herniated discs in his lower back. With conflicting opinions of doctors and specialists and knowing the risk of complication from surgery, he started researching alternative healing methods. Fast forward to 2017, Jackson is now the CEO of Incrediwear, a manufacturer of a range of therapeutic sportswear infused with pain relieving ingredients that has recently launched in Europe.


Commenting on his journey since the accident, Mr. Corley stated, “I had seriously damaged my lower back after I crashed and fell into a ravine along the trail of Chico, California. My options were slim, one doctor was wary of doing surgery as it could have left me worse than I was and another wanted to do surgery immediately”


This led Jackson to research different treatments, and always having an interest in chemistry, figured he needed to find something to act as a semiconductor, “I had heard about germanium and I studied the Japanese who had been using it orally to improve circulation for years. I experimented with carbon and germanium and I devised a back brace, lining it with the two elements and within three weeks of wearing the brace I was walking better and my pain had eased. I started then making the same chemicals in different attire for people in pain”


Incrediwear is the brainchild of Jackson, the concept stems from his research and development in pain relief. The highly effective therapeutic support wear is built on the combination of the two elements – germanium and carbon – which is derived from bamboo charcoal and act as semiconductors. These semiconductors use the natural heat produced by our bodies, and then creates cellular vibrations that increase the body’s blood circulation, delivering a dramatic increase in oxygen to affected areas. This process increases the pain relief for the wearer, with Incrediwear boosting a range of braces, socks, and apparel. Incrediwear is now supported by a number of medical professionals and sports athletes in the United States, proving to be effective in:

Accelerating healing

Post-surgery and injury recovery

Promoting blood circulation

Reducing arthritis pain, inflammation, fatigue, and stiffness


Following his dramatic recovery, Mr. Corley said; “We want people to live a life without limits through our pain relieving products. I know personally what it is like to live in constant pain, this lead me down a path towards Incrediwear, helping people live their lives to the fullest, and most importantly, like I now do, pain free”


Incrediwear is available in over 50 pharmacies nationwide and has been worn by Real Madrid and Portuguese International Cristiano Ronaldo, former Republic of Ireland football captain Robbie Keane, US Ski Team member Lindsey Vonn and World No.2 tennis player Rafa Nadal.


For more information about Incrediwear, please visit www.incrediwear.ie or the Facebook page.


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