The Mardyke Entertainment Complex – Listed Building – Winner in Better Buildings Awards..

The Mardyke Entertainment Complex - Listed Building - Winner in Better Buildings Awards

The Mardyke Entertainment Complex was, last week, awarded the title of Best Pub Front in the Cork Better Buildings Awards, a Cork Marketing Partnership initiative, in association with Cork City Council. The Cork Better Building Awards are aimed at raising awareness of, and applauding the effort that goes into, the good design, maintenance, conservation and presentation of Cork buildings.

These Awards seek to recognise and acknowledge staff, managers, property owners, developers, architects and designers for high standards in design, conservation and creativity, and salute the window cleaners, painters and maintenance staff on their good practice in the presentation and upkeep of Cork’s buildings.

Many people know of The Mardyke Entertainment Complex, which was established 25 years ago and which has developed over time into the top entertainment venue for (adult) groups in Cork, but the long and interesting history of the building may not be so well known.

The building was constructed between 1873 and 1875 at a cost of £4,500. When completed in 1875, the building was considered one of the finest in the city, and today continues to be a listed building. The building, with its cut limestone frontage, has thick floor and roof beams made from imported Canadian white pine to support the weight of the full casks of wine and spirits stored in the warehouse.

Formerly the warehouses of Woodford Bourne and Co., who traded in Cork city for over 250 years, the warehouses at The Mardyke were the hub of the companies bottling, storage and distribution operations supplying four shops in Cork and one in Limerick.

In 1983, The Mardyke opened as a pool/snooker hall, it then developed into a family entertainment complex, but in 1993, a fire, caused by an electrical fault, caused extensive damage on the first floor. After restoration, The Mardyke reopened in 1995 as a fully licensed premises, and remains today one of Corks most attractive historic buildings.

The Award for Best Pub Front was presented to Eddie Nicholson, Managing Director of the Mardyke at an awards ceremony in The Imperial Hotel on Thursday 6th November. On receiving the award, Eddie said “We feel very honoured to receive the Better Building Award for Best Pub Front. The building has so much character and history, and it seems only fitting that this is recognised as we celebrate our 25th Anniversary.”

Previous Cork Better Building Award winners include the Cork School of Music, La Boqueria, Scoozis, Kent Station, Crawford Observatory, Beamish & Crawford, St John’s College, and the Classic Bar.

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