The Recession Proof way to Invest in the Future. Waveform Solutions adapts to changing times

The Recession Proof way to Invest in the Future. Waveform Solutions adapts to changing times

The current economic climate is a difficult one for businesses with everyone keeping a close eye on the bottom line and being as efficient and effective as possible. Waveform Solutions, established in 1988 is offering businesses a means of achieving this by improving processes through the use of the cutting edge Mobile Technologies, but critically without any Up Front Capital Expenditure.

This innovative and market leading company use the latest in industry proven mobile technology including mobile printers, barcode scanners, handheld devices, voice enabled devices and rugged mobile computers and combine this with their dynamic suite of software packages.  The Company has just announced a new “Lease Plan” providing their clients with these latest technologies at a Fixed Monthly Cost per user, unusually covering both hardware and software. This means that businesses can enjoy the benefits and savings of this technology immediately and pay over a 3 to 5 year period.

Charles Darwin stated that it is “is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change.”

Alan Carroll, Managing Director of Waveform Solutions stated at the launch of this innovative scheme “In the next couple of years it will be the businesses that adapt to change, stay ahead of the competition, and give the best service and value to their customers most efficiently will reap the rewards. Our solutions already provide this but now we want to work with our clients proactively during these challenging times. We have introduced this Recession Proof Solution allowing our customers to invest in their businesses by providing a hassle free lease plan.  This lease plan can be put in place for our comprehensive range of business solutions covering Field Operations with our OnRoute suite, Stock and Warehouse solutions with the StockTrack suite as well as applications for other areas.”

The OnRoute range of packages includes OnRoute Van Sales, Field Service, Logistics (POD) and many more modules to suit most companies with users in the field who need to process transactions remotely. The StockTrack package includes all areas of stock management including Putaway, Replenishment, Cycle Counting & Order Picking, the StockTrack solution uses the latest RF Wireless technology for real-time, secure data transactions.For more information on Waveform Solutions and to hear more about Lease-Plan, contact 01-6209700 or e-mail or see


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