Who has the messiest office? Win 2,500 worth of free storage at Wm.O’Brien Public Storage

Who has the messiest office? Win 2,500 worth of free storage at Wm.O'Brien Public Storage

To all of those people who are trying to work day in day out in an environment full of clutter. To those who can barely find their keyboard underneath the rubbish not to mind the phone. To those who leave empty coffee cups mount up, as well as newspapers, files, old faxes and memos. To those who take pride in collecting old phone books which date back twenty years or have filing cabinets so old that they can no longer be opened. To those who have no space left on their desks or even on their walls and to those who can’t remember what their colleagues look like due to boxes of records hiding their view…there is light at the end of the tunnel.

By entering  the Wm.O’Brien Public Storage competition you could win €2,500 worth of free storage at their state of the art facility in Cork or the new Easyspace facility in Limerick. Declutter expert Leigh Galvin will also help you to organise your working environment in a way that will allow you to maximise your office space. Simply store those items that you cannot bear to part with or are legally required to keep in this self storage facility which has 24 hour access and you have your own lock and personal pin code.

So if you can locate your keyboard under that pile of clutter log onto www.publicstorage.ie  or buy the new edition of Business Munster for more details. Simply by sending in a photo of your messy office to Business Munster, Progressive House, PO Box 69, Ballinlough, Cork or emailing it to competitions@progressive.ie  along with the name of the company you could be in with a chance to free your office from clutter.

Wm.O’Brien Public Storage in Bishopstown aims to help those of you who cannot help themselves by providing you with a solution for your decluttering needs. Take the first step..Declutter today.




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