Strategic Communications

ensures that everyone in your organisation is aligned and motivated, understanding clearly their role, purpose and value.

Who We Are

Our multi-disciplined team work tenaciously together for all of our clients to ensure that they get the best possible results for their investment. Success for clients is success for Fuzion.


What We Do

Our core belief is that clients need solutions and not specific services. At Fuzion our muti-disciplined team provide an integrated range of Marketing, PR & Graphic Design services for all platforms.

Public Relations

Our dedicated team includes experienced PR professionals from varying backgrounds, including former national journalists, media trainers, political advisors, crisis PR consultants and social media experts.


Award Winning

Since 2010 Fuzion have been consistently winning national awards for our work including awards for excellence from the PR Institure and Corporate Social Responsibility award from Chambers Ireland.

Fuzion offer Strategic Communications Consultancy from our offices in Dublin and Cork, Ireland.

As organisations get bigger, more diverse and more global the need for powerful and focused communications has never been as great. Organisations need to understand how to communicate and manage complex team relationships in a way that instils purpose, well-being and trust. The goal of Strategic Communications is to create a foundational approach to stakeholder buy-in and motivation for every aspect of your organisation to ensure maximum long term effectiveness and performance

Our team will help you to

  • Create genuine, purpose oriented team strategies and messaging
  • Create team identities and strong value systems
  • Develop results-driven professional development programmes 
  • Improve stakeholder buy-in for projects and initiatives
  • Navigate through the emotional journey of a merger, acquisition or any other organisational change 
  • Motivate your teams through improved employee engagement
  • Enliven your monthly communications meetings
  • Gamify your team campaigns
  • Create and execute a dynamic CSR plan that helps the community while strengthening internal bonds
  • Prepare for a Crisis

If you have any requirements in this area and would like an exploratory chat with Deirdre Waldron feel free to contact her directly at


Deirdre Waldron - Crisis PR

Deirdre Waldron

Deirdre Waldron, the founder of Fuzion heads up the Crisis PR team.

Deirdre's reputation management experience is second to none and she has worked on some very high profile cases, turning negative issues around through her understanding of the media landscape as well as her strong media relations build up over 20 years in the industry.  

Deirdre’s Crisis PR work included leading the Cystic Fibrosis crisis team during the award winning St. Vincent’s 'Irish War Crimes' campaign whereby we succeeded in getting the government of the day to reverse a decision to cancel the dedicated unit at the hospital.

Deirdre leads our Crisis PR team, which includes former journalists and a social media specialist.