Looking for a Different Fashion Experience? The latest Fashion from b.young & ICHI straight to your iPhone!

29 October 2008

Are you on the hunt for the latest trends, cool designs and a great fashion experience? Now you can log on to brand new b.young and ICHI Experience on your iPhone or iPod Touch.

You can now view the latest campaigns and the latest fashions from popular Danish Fashion labels b.young and ICHI, as well as find out where you can get your hands on all their exciting fashions before everyone else - simply by using your iPhone or iPod Touch.

If you have an iPhone or iPod Touch and you are on the lookout for the latest fashion from b.young and ICHI, all you have to do is reach into your pocket and it is as if you move to the top of the queue!

Simplicity itself! A simple touch of the screen allows you to browse through a huge selection of tops, skirts, dresses, trousers etc. - from the latest b.young and ICHI fashion collections. When you press on an image, the name of the item appears on the screen, and if you simply have to have it before it is sold out, the display offers easy directions to your nearest stockist. And the picture is right there on your pocket screen when you visit the shop, the shop assistant will know exactly what you're looking for.

The market for new experiences on mobile platforms is growing at a staggering rate and b.young and it's sister brand, ICHI, are at the cutting edge of this development. "This investment in the iPhone environment is part of a major strategy aimed at bringing us closer to our customers," says b.young CEO Torben Løvdal. "When you visit b.young using your iPhone you gain access to a visual experience that has been specially designed to exploit iPhone Features - which is why this is not simply another version of our standard website. We are always close by, ready to provide inspiration and tips for basics, fashion styles and accessories; in just the same way as when you meet us in our shops"

b.young and ICHI are already planning to expand the service so that it can be used on all new mobile phones. However, at present it is only available for those with iPhones or iPhone Touch.

Gain access to the new b.young and ICHI Experience via your iPhone or iPod Touch by visiting www.byoung.com and www.ichi.biz.