Fuzion Brand Design Agency

located in Dublin and Cork, Ireland offer a full range of Brand Development, Graphic Design and Web Development services to a diverse range of clients in both traditional and digital formats. 

The Brand Design ‘Journey’ represents a special opportunity to give your business a unique identity and personality and stand apart from your competitors.


Our team of graphic designers

will work carefully with you to ensure that we fully understand your needs and deliver something very special to capture the essence of your brand for your target audiences. 


Creative Solutions

At Fuzion, impactful, purposeful and user-centered design is as much about engaging our clients as it is their customers. On the customer side, our product, packaging, identity and other design work is the holistic, final sum of our creative process. On the client side, we are big believers in creating deliverables that will not only convey their story but will live on in the organisation.

Website Design

A professional, well designed website makes the ultimate statement about you and your business. As well as looking good, conveying your story in an impactful way, it should be found easily by your customers, function smoothly and seamlessly. Once built it must be capable of adapting quickly and easily to any changes, just like your organisation does.

Brand Identity Design

A brand is an intangible asset that resides in our hearts and minds. It is the culmination of an organisation's promise, purpose, product, service and community. Developing a brand identity, which tells the right story and executing this consistently across traditional and online media is a vital part of your success. So, whether you are creating a new brand or revitalising an existing one - we are here to help.

Packaging Design

Packaging design is the tangible realisation that projects the key brand messages. It represents the virtues and appeal of a product, and so is crucial to supporting the establishment of a product and its brand proposition. Creating an eye catching pack design, that imparts a memorable product story, has to be achieved in a single and highly effective statement, which catches the brief attention of the consumer.