Our media training team

led by former journalist Ciara Jordan will equip you to deal with the media effectively delivering powerful interviews that achieve your objectives

Media Training - Dublin & Cork 

Fuzion provide media training services from our offices in Dublin and Cork, Ireland. The media training team is led by former journalist, Ciara Jordan.  

Ciara's experience and expertise will absolutely help to make you a more polished spokesperson, business leader or elected official. She has successfully worked with top professionals and CEOs.  

With her supportive approach and premier guidance, you will learn how to speak authentically and memorably. You will learn how to plan and prepare your media strategy and once "live" will show you how to stay on message, how to turn a hostile interview into a positive outcome and how to rise above the white noise of everything else. Whether on-camera or on radio you will become calmer, confident, engaging, personable and most importantly believable.

We will digitally record you in front of a live camera for immediate feedback and help you to skill-up faster than you ever thought possible.

Media training includes;

  • Interview techniques for in-studio, and telephone interviews, familiarisation with interviewer.
  • Interviewing methods to stay ahead of all journalistic approaches
  • Simulated interviews with hard hitting questions and helping to analyse answer direction
  • Introducing an opponent for interview and hone your combat technique

If you are interested in our Media Training services please contact us and we can create a bespoke training solution for yoru needs.


Ciara Jordan -

Ciara Jordan
Connect with Ciara: +35316628556


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