Bandon to Honour Graham Norton To celebrate Cork Rebel Week

Bandon to Honour Graham Norton To celebrate Cork Rebel Week

15 May 2013

BANDON'S most famous son may soon be jetting out of Hollywood Boulevard to take a stroll up his very own walkway to celebrate Cork Rebel Week. 

Bandon Town Council tonight approved a proposal to name a picturesque riverside walkway the Graham Norton River Walkway to honour the comedian and famous talk show host. The proposal was made by the Cork Rebel Week Bandon Host Town Committee as part of the Cork flagship Gathering event, which will run from October 14-20th. 

In communication with the Bandon Host Town Committee in recent weeks the celebrity talk show host expressed his delight at the proposal and said he would hope to return home for the commemorative event at a date between October 16th and 20th.  

The tranquil walkway, which runs alongside the famous River Bandon in Norton's hometown, is in the process of being transformed into a major tourism attraction. Proposed works over the coming months at the park will include the creation of a new skate park, which will be a welcome addition to the newly developed multi use games area and outdoor exercise area. 

Bandon Host Town Committee has been liaising with Graham Norton for months as it draws up an exciting line up of events ahead of Cork Rebel Week.                                                

Bandon is one of nine Cork towns which are set to host marching bands from all over the globe during Cork Rebel Week and has been tasked with drawing up its own diverse programme of events to entertain their visitors. 

The committee had proposed creating a statue of Mr Norton, however the talk show host expressed his preference for the naming of the walkway, which he believed to be a more fitting tribute. 

A spokesperson for the Bandon Host Town Committee said: "We are absolutely thrilled this project has been confirmed. Bandon are truly proud of Graham Norton and his achievements to date. Over the past number of years Graham has been awarded the highest accolades by his peers and his industry; our community is very excited to welcome and honour Graham in his home town." 

Padraic O'Kane, organiser of Cork Rebel Week said: "We are delighted that Bandon Town Council has agreed to commemorate Graham Norton in time for Cork Rebel Week. It is a fitting tribute to a man who has put Bandon on the map and will place the picturesque town and indeed Cork under the international spotlight. We would like to thank Bandon Host Town Committee for their commitment and hard work in bringing this plan forward and we greatly look forward to their programme of events in October." 

Also among the diverse events scheduled for Rebel Week are a commemoration of the birth of Michael Collins on October 16; an International Cork Day; a Cork Global Economic Forum and a unique and novel ‘Cork Passport' scheme where those wishing to get their hands on this coveted document must be willing to prove their Cork credentials to the world. For more information visit