Brand Design_

A strong brand is built on a clear and strategic vision for how your organisation wants to be perceived by your target audiences.
The creative design team at Fuzion will create, develop, and define unique brand identities for our clients’ product, service or organisation. Our brand development process delves deep to the core of what you are all about and results in a strong brand identity that visually reflects and encapsulates your vision, your values and your offering.


Brand Research & Discovery
– Understanding the Brand

This stage in the process is essential in arriving at a finished design which truly reflects the brand. We will research the wider market including competitors and ‘benchmark brands’ (those brands which the business owner aspires to emulate). This helps us get a clear direction on the positioning of the brand and how best to visually present it.



We will conduct an informal Brand Workshop with key stakeholders and ask all the relevant questions we need answers to, so that we can have a clear vision of what the brand identity needs to achieve for the identified objectives and how best to visually present the brand.

  • Key Objectives
  • Target audiences (the types of customers it wishes to attract)
  • Key Messages (what we want to say about the brand)
  • The Why’s (what will make customers choose you over competitors)
  • Differentiators (what will make your offering special)
  • The Values (what the brand will stand for and be known for)
  • The Style (the look and feel of the product and the communications)
  • Perceptions (how do we want the product to be perceived)


Brand Strategy

At the core of your brand strategy is strategically positioning your brand for success. It should reflect your vision, values and story. It shapes your identity and determines first impressions.

Whether it’s a brand refresh or creating a new identity from scratch we’re experts in crafting memorable brand identities that connect you with your target audience. Our creative process is led by insight ensuring your brand stands out in crowded markets, captures the attention of your audience, and creates a long-lasting impression.


A good Brand Name needs to be …

  • Easy to remember
  • Easy to communicate
  • Easy to read and pronounce
  • Not too long, Not too descriptive
  • Available to use

Our naming process will help you meet all these criteria.



A strong brand message and tagline will communicate the values, benefits and features of your product/service in just a few words. Coming up with the best result takes a lot of work,

Your Brand Message must…

  • Encapsulate values and benefits
  • Sum up what the product/service does
  • Work as an advertising message
  • Communicate you core business
  • Be meaningful and truthful

Because we are objective outsiders, we can devise an authentic tagline with meaning.



As the brand grows, opportunities and new ways of presenting the brand to customers will arise. We like to work with clients on the basis that they can call on us to create and produce whatever they may need, when they need it. Building the brand will rely on being consistent in all communications, that’s where we can help and ensure everything we produce is ‘on brand’ and creates the right impressions.



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