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Enhance your brand’s communication prowess with our Media Training, led by former journalist Aoibhinn Twomey. In the dynamic landscape of interviews and public appearances, Fuzion equips you with the skills to navigate valuable media appearances confidently and achieve your objectives.

Media Training & Interview Preparation

Media Training with Fuzion is an investment in mastering the art of effective communication and maximising precious opportunities..

We understand the fears some organisations hold about getting their media communications wrong but, more importantly, we recognise the opportunities of getting it right. We provide Media Training services to carefully equip individuals and teams to deal carefully and confidently with the media, in all circumstances.

The media training team is led by former journalist, Aoibhinn Twomey, whose experience and expertise will help make you a more polished spokesperson, business leader or elected official.

We have successfully worked with top professionals and CEOs, honing their ability to convey messages clearly and effectively in the public eye.

Our training involves practical insights into media dynamics, equipping you with the tools to handle interviews, press conferences, and public speaking engagements. We go beyond theoretical knowledge, offering hands-on exercises and simulated scenarios to prepare you for the unpredictable nature of media interactions.

Key elements of our approach include message clarity, succinctness, and adaptability. We emphasise the importance of crafting messages that resonate with your target audiences while ensuring they align seamlessly with your brand  messaging.

Our Approach to Media Training

The ability to deliver impactful soundbites that capture attention is a core aspect of our training. Turning media appearances from something to fear to opportunities to embrace is our goal.

We also understand the significance of non-verbal communication and our training covers body language, tone modulation, and facial expressions to ensure your message is not only heard but also understood in the intended context.

In today’s fast-paced world, being media-savvy isn’t a luxury—it’s a necessity for any brand or individual in the public eye.

Media training includes:

  • How to speak authentically and memorably
  • Interview techniques for in-studio, and telephone interviews
  • Interviewing methods to stay ahead of all journalistic approaches
  • Simulated interviews with hard-hitting questions and helping to control the conversation
  • Deep dive into brand/organisation Key Audiences and Messages
  • Digital recordings in front of a live camera/mic for immediate feedback
  • Training can be provided In-Person or Online via Zoom



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