If you can’t be found you are not in the game – A key step in our process with clients is to make sure that their website is found easily online. It is essential that all efforts are made to ensure that the ‘low-hanging fruit’ opportunities are not lost because of poor search performance.

Our Approach to SEO

From the outset with clients we do a deep dive of all of their products and services and we analyse the search performance of priority keywords and key phrases to see how they are doing and specifically how they rank against their direct competitors.

Carefully examining the priority keywords and exploring the searches with the highest potential, we devise an optimisation strategy for the website and we start to implement various tactics to achieve the target improvements.

We measure performance at regular intervals to track the effectiveness of the campaign.

Being found online is essential and then creating the right impression and portraying the right message is critical with a well-designed website.

Google Ads

In conjunction with our SEO work we will often run Google Ad campaigns for clients to ensure that in all cases they are being found by clients who search for their priority products and services.

All campaigns are carefully built to ensure that we maintain maximum control of budgets and return on investment and that they can easily be adjusted according to circumstances.

We produce Google Analytics, SEO and Google Ad reports together to get a full overview of traffic performance from all tactics, ensuring at all times results are optimised.



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