Crisis Communications_

Every organisation needs to be aware of its vulnerabilities and have a plan in place to deal with a crisis situation should it occur. With the advance of social media, where and how a crisis develops is ever more complex. No organisation can afford to hide in a crisis as it has the potential to damage relationships with clients and stakeholders, wreak havoc with the reputation, seriously affect revenue and possibly, in the most serious cases, result in closure.
Fuzion is part of a European network of crisis PR providers The Crisis Communications Network Europe (CCNE) to ensure international clients have access to a pan-European solution, if required.

Our Crisis Planning Approach

We work with you in advance of any potential crisis, covering the following:

  • Risk assessment
  • Reactive and pre-emptive statements.
  • Preparing spokespeople, including media training.
  • Monitoring traditional and online media.
  • Devising an action plan that could be put into place should any crisis become a reality.
  • Developing an internal communications strategy to include communications to relevant stakeholders.
  • Crisis social media strategy.
  • We are available 24/7 to our clients for crisis situations

Our Crisis PR Experience

Fuzion’s crisis PR team is led by founding partner, Deirdre Waldron. The wider team includes former journalists, media training specialists and social media experts, ensuring that all crisis scenarios can be dealt with effectively.

We have worked on many high-profile national and international crises and other projects where the media crisis never materialised due to strategic planning, internal communications and careful management.

As part of our crisis PR service, we support all of our clients with media training to ensure senior personnel are well-equipped to handle media interviews. This includes pre-interview preparation.

While we cannot mention some of the cases we have worked on, feel free to contact Deirdre Waldron. We can confidentially discuss your requirements and share our experiences in this area directly with you.



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