Email Marketing_

If you need a fully managed solution to free up your time or if you don’t even have an email marketing platform yet, Fuzion can help you with all your email marketing needs.

Our Approach

Email Design

We can quickly design emails for you, that are designed to make it easy for your user to engage with your company. Our designs are mobile optimised and will be able to be coded to the latest email standards.

Responsive Design

We can design emails specifically for mobile devices or help update existing designs to make them better suit mobile devices.

Automated Emails

Emails for welcome programmes, shopping receipts, ticket confirmations, booking references any type of automated emails we can design and code.

Design Review

If you’re looking to improve the design of your current email campaigns and would like a thorough review of your emails we can look and advise on possible improvements that could be made.

Templating Systems

If you need a robust set of templates to use with your current email service provider we can code emails for use on any platform.

Aesthetics and Functionality

Branded Templates

If you need templates updated to a new brand or just need templates for your existing brand we can easily create these for you.

Creative Reviews

If you are looking for feedback or assistance on designs for email, the web or advertising campaigns we specialise in detailed feedback and reporting.

HTML Emails

We can quickly code any number of email campaigns you require either static or mobile optimised.

Mobile Emails

If you need emails coded specifically designed to work on phones as well as desktops we specialise in this type of email coding.



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