The Fuzion brand "promise" workshop

will crystallise the essence of the organisation and through the workshop will develop a set of key messages, personality and positioning that can be used for the key target audiences.

Brand Consultancy 

The Fuzion brand 'promise' workshop goes beyond the normal content and as part of this process we push the organisation teams to ultimately define a customer ‘Promise’.  This “Promise” goes beyond Mission Statements and is something that is much deeper and requires real commitment and understanding from the team, at every level.

The brand/core message workshop will crystallise the unique selling points and through the workshop will develop a set of key messages, personality and positioning that can be used for the key target audiences.

For the ‘Promise’ workshops to be effective we like to include a cross section of people from within the organisations, at every layer of the business. 

In advance of the sessions we ask team members to bring some object to the workshop that best represents the organisation to them.


We take the time at the beginning of the workshops to explain what a brand is, explore some brands that they may be familiar with and discuss the role of branding and ultimately the purpose of the workshop.

What, How and Personality

In this session we explore:

  • ‘What’ products and services are offered and the special features
  • ‘How’ the organisation delivers these products and services
  • The unique ‘personality’ of the brand


In this session we delve into the customer types, their interests, wants, needs, feelings, beliefs, perceptions and wishes and we would stack this up against the ‘offer’ by  the organisation to identify any gaps. Customer research is introduced as part of this process.

This exercise would help to challenge the team to consider the customer’s point of view when positioning the brand offer.


In this session we explore imagery and the power of symbols. We introduce the items that the team members feel represent the brand best and we test this imagery against the material being used currently on the website, brochures, adverts and other literature.

In this session we also use imagery to create a vision of the future and what this will look like for the company.


This session is all about having enough belief in the brand and to make a firm commitment or promise about what it will deliver.This goes beyond ‘mission statements’ and the branding and strategy must work towards honouring and delivering on these promises.                                    

Branding Brief 

We would then take the outputs from the workshop and from this we would develop the brand ‘story’, identifying the key messages and outlining clearly the unique personality, the core values, the core purpose, the future vision and the brand promise.

This would be presented to the team and once agreed it would form a branding brief document, which would then be used for

  • Developing the website style, language and imagery
  • Content, tone of voice and personality for social media posting
  • Content, tone and personality for marketing materials, advertising and PR communications

If you would like any further information or would like to find out how a brand workshop could benifit your business, feel free to contact Greg Canty.

Greg Canty - Digital Marketing Expert

Greg Canty

Greg heads up Digital Services at Fuzion Communications, overseeing a full suite of Social Media Services, Website development, SEO, Google Adwords, Blogging and Podcasting.

Greg was one of the early lecturers for the Digital Marketing Institute and he also runs Social Media Training courses for some of the Local Enterprise Offices as well as bespoke training for clients.

Greg is a partner of Fuzion and has vast business experience in both Financial and General Management having had roles in the drinks industry with Guinness and Heineken as well as operating his own retail music store businesses. Greg brings his practical, business approach to his social media consultancy ensuring that all activity is very focused.

Greg is the producer of the Fuzion Win Happy podcast and is one of Ireland's most prolific bloggers covering Business, Marketing, PR, Social Media and other general issues.


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