Your Digital Marketing

activities should work seamlessly and cohesively with all of your Marketing activities to ensure that you achieve optimum results. As a fully integrated agency this is where Fuzion can excel for you. 

Website Design

A professional, well designed website makes the ultimate statement about you and your business. As well as looking good, conveying your story in an impactful way, it should be found easily by your customers, function smoothly and seamlessly. Once built it must be capable of adapting quickly and easily to any changes, just like your organisation does.

Design Services

Creating a powerful first impression and developing a unique and recognisable brand/identity, which tells the right story and executing this consistently across printed and online media is a vital part of your success.

Public Relations

Our dedicated team includes experienced PR professionals from varying backgrounds, including former national journalists, media trainers, political advisors, crisis PR consultants and social media experts.


Social Media

Social Media when used correctly can be a powerful part of your overall strategy, enhancing and accelerating your brand online and helping to develop new connections and generate new business.


At Fuzion Communications, as a full service agency we know and understand how complex and challenging your Digital Marketing can be, from the technical aspects of your website to the softer elements of your social media activity. We also know that this is and never should be separate from your other Marketing activities and all of these must be executed cohesively and consistently.

At Fuzion with offices in Dublin and Cork, Ireland we can help you devise and execute a Digital Marketing Strategy and Plan that is perfect for your organisation and ensure that your online presence and activity fits seamlessly into your overall marketing activities.

Our services include:

  • Website Optimisation
  • Google Ads
  • Web Development
  • Copywriting
  • Google Ads
  • Email Marketing
  • Social Media Consultancy
  • Content Creation
  • Podcasting

If you would like to call us to discuss your requirements feel free to contact Greg Canty, who heads up our Digital Marketing Team

Greg Canty - Digital Marketing Expert

Greg Canty

Greg heads up Digital Services at Fuzion Communications, overseeing a full suite of Social Media Services, Website development, SEO, Google Adwords, Blogging and Podcasting.

Greg was one of the early lecturers for the Digital Marketing Institute and he also runs Social Media Training courses for some of the Local Enterprise Offices as well as bespoke training for clients.

Greg is a partner of Fuzion and has vast business experience in both Financial and General Management having had roles in the drinks industry with Guinness and Heineken as well as operating his own retail music store businesses. Greg brings his practical, business approach to his social media consultancy ensuring that all activity is very focused.

Greg is the producer of the Fuzion Win Happy podcast and is one of Ireland's most prolific bloggers covering Business, Marketing, PR, Social Media and other general issues.