I didn’t mean to spend your money- A poem by Anna Melia

One of the reasons I decided to work in PR was for the variety of interesting people I meet on a daily basis. No two days are the same, without wanting to sound too clichéd.

Recently, I came into contact with a lady called Anna Melia who wrote a book called ” A walk in my Shoes”  The book is an account of some of her life experiences. She has been writing poetry since she was a child. Much of the book concerns her relationship with her son Derek, who died aged 32 from Cystic Fibrosis. It is a touching book, a book which is getting a tremendous response from people.

Earlier today as we chatted about different ideas in relation to her book, I asked her whether she was still writing poetry. She told me that recently she woke up with the words ” I didn’t mean to spend your money” In her head. Soon she had written a poem, a poem about Ireland and the crisis we are going through. She wanted to capture the fighting spirit the Irish have always been renowned for. Today, more than ever, we must cherish our writers, artists, musicians, poets and thinkers. We must protect them.

I hope you like her poem as much as I do.

A poem about Ireland

I didn’t mean to spend your money
I just wanted milk and honey!”
As the bear droned on and on
It dawned on us it was a con.

Men in mercs and men in suits
Sold us out and here’s the fruits
Ireland’s now completely broke
And has become a world wide joke

Children yet unborn will pay
Broadcasters tell us every day.
Doom and gloom and downcast heart
This veil of worry we’ll not part.

“True, true, I hear you say,
I dread the start of each new day“.
A Patient lying on cold trolley
Wonders where is all the money.
His mortgage now he cannot pay
“Out, out,” the judge will say.

With picks and shovels in the shed
Ireland’s spirit is not dead.
With hands and hearts we’ll make a light
We Irish love a darn good fight.!

Forget the mercs, forget the suits
Lets dig and find our working roots.
Through the years we built and slaved
In other lands their roads to pave.

Now its time to build our own
And help to bring our youngsters home.

By Anna Melia

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