conduct research for our clients to ensure that all their marketing spend is focused in the right way ensuring that optimum return from investment is achieved  

Market Research 

Fuzion with offices in Dublin and Cork, Ireland offer a range of Market Research services to a diverse range of clients. 

Before committing resources to a Marketing Campaign you must be clear about your objectives, target market, customer perceptions, position in the marketplace, market opportunities, price positioning and competitor activity.
Quality Information is a key ingredient in formulating any Marketing Plan

Sometimes it may not be possible for you to gather research and one must rely on your experience or "gut" feel and instinct and there may be no choice but to proceed with your plans on this basis.

However in many instances market research can provide you with valuable information and insights, which can prove to be invaluable for formulating your strategy and preparing detailed marketing plans.

Market Research Process

The research process can be rewarding with your customers viewing you as very progressive and where your staff are involved it can be quite motivational and can achieve ‘buy-in’ to your objectives.

At Fuzion we find that with all research conducted there is always some surprise with the findings that you may not have expected, that often turns out to be invaluable.

With any Market Research project we:

  •  Agree the Research Brief with the Client
  •  Conduct the Research
  •  Analyse and Interpret the Results
  •  Produce a Management Report, including Recommendations

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