Meta to End Charity Fundraising Tools in the European Economic Area

Starting July 1, 2024, Meta will be shutting down all its charity fundraising tools on Facebook and Instagram within the European Economic Area (EEA). This move is set to shake things up for a lot of charitable organisations that have been relying on these platforms to connect with donors and raise essential funds.

At Fuzion, we work closely with many charities and we understand how big of a deal this is. Many of our clients depend heavily on Meta’s platforms for their fundraising campaigns, and now they’ll have to shift their focus to their websites to keep the donations coming in.

Charities will also lose access to important data from their past fundraising activities on Meta platforms, like supporter lists, insights, and those handy automated thank-you messages. After July 1, Meta will only provide receipts for processing refunds or chargeback requests.

Meta has suggested that charities guide donors to their own websites to make contributions. Here are a few tips we recommend to help charities adapt to these changes:

  • Make sure to change the action button on your Facebook Page so it links directly to your charity’s official donation webpage.
  • Let your donors know about the upcoming changes and give them clear instructions on how they can continue to support your cause through other channels.
  • Look into other fundraising platforms and tools that can offer similar features to what you’ve been using on Meta’s platforms.

While this shift may seem daunting, it’s also a great opportunity for charities to diversify their fundraising strategies and find new ways to engage with their supporters. We’re here to help you navigate these changes and ensure your fundraising efforts remain strong.


Alina Magomedova



Alina Magomedova is Digital Marketing Executive with Fuzion, a Brand Communications agency – a national Brand Communications Agency working with clients throughout Ireland.

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