New Businesses Opening despite the odds..

Karizma Turkish Barber

Karizma Turkish Barber

Despite the odds new businesses are still opening up in the middle of this economic climate.

What is this due to ?

Is this an entrepreneurial spirit that just cannot be crushed? – unique individuals, who despite bucket loads of advice not to do so, struggles to raise finance from powerless and frightened bankers,  little incentive to even bother trying and poor support from any government bodies – and they still decide to risk their money without a safety net and take the ultimate plunge and open up a “new business”.

Thank God – the landlords, the shop fitters, the signage guys, the staff, the local councils and the revenue all benefit & maybe the odd Marketing & PR Company!

I absolutely celebrate inside when I pass these new stores/businesses.

Long live the entrepreneurial spirit, it won’t be broken!

Greg Canty is a partner of Fuzion Communications

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