65% of people struggle to find a work/ life balance ..

A recent survey carried by Miss Moneypenny, a virtual assistance agency, has found that over 65% of business owners and employees struggle to find a work/life balance.


A worrying 70% of those surveyed admitted that they could desperately benefit with a personal assistant to manage mundane yet time-consuming admin duties, if they could afford one.


With a typical average age for retirement over workers in Ireland now over 70 years of age, having a work/ life balance has never been so important yet we still struggle as a nation to master the concept.


Other interesting statistics from the survey identified that over 70% of business owners felt tedious day-to-day tasks were holding them and their business back from achieving their goals and growth ambitions. While 42% admitted they feel over worked or stretched to capacity on a weekly basis.


Speaking about the startling results, that over half of those surveyed fail to balance their personal life with work their work-life, owner of Miss Moneypenny, Rani Dabrai explained where her idea for an intelligent service which provided assistance to time-poor entrepreneurs originated: “For me, I believe that time is the most valuable asset we have. Entrepreneurs struggle so much with a work/ life balance but I believe that it’s important to remember that you should work to live, not live to work. I set up Miss Moneypenny so that business owners could start using their time better, where is matters most: to grow their business. The typical entrepreneur will find themselves spending a huge percentage of their time on admin and could really benefit from having an extra member of staff yet can’t justify the cost of one. Having grown this business from the ground up, I’m fully aware of how much time goes into the day-to-day – contracts, calls, emails, social media research…any number of mundane tasks which serve only to suck time and leave you feeling drained before you an even begin the real money making stuff. The concept of Virtual Assistance allows you to buy time by the hour, and use only what you need. With a little clever management it’s entirely possible to run your business without a mammoth cost. It’s time business owners moved with the times and stop wasting time and money on tasks that don’t generate more business or profits.”


The same survey also revealed that 35% of business owners spend more than 30% of their overall budget on operation costs i.e. rent, telephone lines, heating, lights etc, a cost that is more than halved or in some cases completely eliminated if the business goes virtual.


Rani continued, “It’s ludicrous that in 2016 we are still spending huge amounts of budgets on operations costs, when almost everything can be done online or via mobile. We are creatures of habit and tend to stick to what we know even if it’s costing us money we don’t need to spend. Business owners and employees need to wake up and take notice of the advances in technology that allows us to work from home, hire a virtual assistant, bank online, share live documents, move to paperless communication and stop spending hours in the office doing everything ourselves.”


For more information on virtual assistance see www.missmoneypenny.ie

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