A CORKER FOR YOGIS – Huku Balance Stretches Its Reach As Sustainable Brand Launches New Yoga Range

Donegal-based sustainable lifestyle brand Huku Balance has launched a new collection of cork-based Yoga products, building on their massively successful Balance Board range.

Huku Balance, which took the wellness scene by storm when it launched in 2019, has developed this new range of products, made from 100% natural materials, to improve flexibility and offer more dynamic support, stability and variety to yoga practitioners.

Huku chose cork instead of plastic, as the cork tree is one of the most sustainable plants on the planet and regrows in full every year.

Huku has also committed to planting one tree for every product sold.

Uniquely styled, following Huku’s tradition of treating every product like a custom piece of furniture, the new yoga range is made from materials sourced from sustainable FSC forestries.

The collection includes the innovative ‘Moon Wheel’, made from the finest quality birchwood and a stylish range of cork-based Yoga Mats, Yoga Blocks, Massage Balls and ‘Double Peanut’ balls.

Huku Balance founder Cathal Sheridan commented: “Our new Yoga Collection is designed to enhance yoga practice, allowing you to deepen stretches without compromising on stability and variety.

We found that many people, those working from home, in particular, enjoyed huge benefits from our Balance Boards, and we wanted to offer a new tool for their workout kit. Being desk-bound from 9-5 does a lot of damage to your back and shoulders, so these products allow for safe, targeted stretching, injury prevention as well as ironing out those knots and releasing tension.”

Huku Yoga Moon Wheel – €59 – €99
Huku Yoga Moon Wheels have been created in collaboration with Moon’s Yoga Studio. They are designed for deep stretching and posture perfection and are available in Full Moon (large), Midi Moon or Mini Moon. Incorporating one of these Yoga Wheels into any fitness routine allows the user to stretch further than ever before. It also helps to relieve any back pain by releasing tension and improving flexibility. Like all Huku Balance products, the Yoga Moon Wheel is made from environmentally sustainable materials.

Huku Yoga Exercise Mat €75
The Huku Yoga Exercise Mat is perfect for any workout routine, whether it be Yoga, Pilates or whatever gets your body moving. It is an environmental alternative to the traditional plastic yoga or exercise mat –  made from 100% sustainable materials. The Huku Mat comes with a carry strap and has an anti-slip feature to help avoid accidents.

Huku Massage Balls €10.50 – €18.75
Huku Massage Balls are designed to relieve tension in the ‘micro muscles’ on your fingers, hands, wrists and feet. Huku Massage Balls are available in a singular ball or a peanut-style ‘double ball’ version. They are made from solid natural cork, which means they are sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Huku Yoga Blocks €20
The Huku Yoga Blocks set consists of two solid blocks that offer the perfect workout prop. Made from 100% Portuguese cork, the Huku Yoga Blocks have a firmness you will not find in a regular foam block designed to provide full support to any moves.

The Huku Cork Yoga Set (without Moon Wheels) can be purchased as part of a bundle for €86 as part of the introductory price reductions across all products until the end of summer.

To shop or view Huku’s new Yoga range, visit: www.hukubalance.com.

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