Agri-Accumulator Soft Commodity Investment Opportunity from Quintas Wealth Management

Agri-Accumulator Soft Commodity Investment Opportunity from Quintas Wealth Management

Quintas Wealth Management has launched a Commodity Investment Product, the Agri-Accumulator, developed by the investment team in house, to allow investors the opportunity to benefit from the potential increases in specific agricultural commodity prices (Cocoa, Coffee, Wheat & Sugar) over a five year period with a potential for 10% return per 6 month semester.

The product is the latest in a line of Investment Products from Quintas Wealth Management who specialise in developing creative risk managed financial products with maximum wealth potential.  

Quintas Wealth Management Managing Director, Noel Creedon states “Since the division was established in 2005 our investment team have focused on shorter dated products creating a niche in the Irish market with products which have added diversification and return to client portfolios.  Investment offerings must be founded on a sound investment concept enhanced with the best possible structure to ensure investors receive a product which provides them investment return whilst protecting capital.  Previous products produced by Quintas reflect this philosophy.  As markets evolved from the debris of the Lehman collapse and the subsequent credit crunch the ideas of the investment team evolved to suit the changing market conditions.  The manner in which these ideas were structured into investment products also evolved to reflect the overriding need to provide return while protecting capital in a volatile market.”

The Rationale behind the Agri-Accumulator is that Commodity investing offers the potential for uncorrelated returns with traditional asset classes such as equities and bonds, while also providing a hedge against inflation. 

Quintas Wealth Management Investment Director, David O’Shea, who developed this innovative product noted that this increase is perhaps the most obvious reason for increased investor interest in commodities.  However, David states “While most people are familiar with hard commodities, such as oil and steel, driven by demand from emerging countries, these commodities are still overvalued and trading currently at a premium. However, soft commodities such as agricultural commodities have not risen so dramatically and are currently trading below or near a discount to their long term average fair values.”

The Agri-Accumulator is a maximum 5 Year Investment, but keeping with Quintas’ focus on shorter term investment offerings, there is potential for early repayment every 6 months.  Investors lock or “accumulate” a fixed 10% return every 6 months once the 4 agricultural indices do not fall below 75% of their initial value.

This allows investors to profit even from falling prices.  Investor’s capital is fully protected once none of the indices fall by more than 50% over the term of the product, which takes into account Key Dates through the lifecycle of the Investment Product.On those dates the price of the Four Underlying Indices are observed.  A coupon of 10% per event date will be accumulated if all 4 indices are greater or equal to 70% of their Initial Purchase Price. 

David and the team at Quintas Wealth Management believe that liquidity is a key factor for investors currently.  He states “As with all our investment products, we place significant focus on providing our investors with liquidity.  We do this in two ways – firstly by providing early payout features within the product and secondly by providing an option to exit from any of our investment strategies at any time without penalty”. 

He added “There is a strong element of liquidity associated with this investment, which may result in investors having the option of receiving back their initial capital plus any accumulated coupons before the final Maturity Date at each six month interval.  The Agri-Accumulator is also 100% capital guaranteed once none of the Underlying Indices fall by more than 50% at any time over the lifetime of the investment.”

The Minimum Investment is €20,000 and is open to personal customers investing in their own name.  It is also available for Pension funds, companies and other institutions.  The closing date for applications is Friday 25th June 2010 and the proceeds of the investment will mature on 3rd July 2015.  Full details of the Agri Accumulator are available through any member of the Quintas Wealth Management Team on (021) 4641400 or see


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