Celebrating a Brighter Future for Business in Cork at Café Bar Deli Cork

Celebrating a Brighter Future for Business in Cork at Café Bar Deli Cork

For the first time in a very long time there’s light at the end of the tunnel… and to welcome the definite signs of optimism, on Tuesday 20th September, Jay Bourke and his team from Café Bar Deli, Cork invited business people from all over the county to join them and “Celebrate a Brighter Future for Business in Cork”; as well as sample delicious new treats introduced in the restaurant’s autumn menu.

In recent months, entrepreneur and Café Bar Deli owner, Jay; along with Café Bar Deli manager, Avril Fox and her team have witnessed first-hand a marked change in business and are seeing people starting to return in numbers to restaurants and businesses around Cork.  There is, once again, a more positive attitude among business owners and employees; and this was clearly visible among over 100 invited guests at Tuesday’s event.

One of the major victims of the economic meltdown in Ireland was the Hospitality Sector.  While the construction and banking industries boomed during the roar of the Celtic Tiger, the Hospitality Sector which was the backbone of the Irish economy for decades was largely ignored.  Now it is being heralded as a possible saviour of the Irish Economy and for the first time in a long time the government are now working with the industry on practical ways to sustain and grow the industry; and it is through progress like this that the concept for Tuesday’s event came about.

Speaking at Tuesday’s event in Café Bar Deli, Jay said “We are starting to see positive changes in the industry, but this is just the beginning of a long road to real recovery, and it’s important that we all work together to achieve the best outcome for all.” 

He added “Chatting to people this evening Cork definitely has a very positive air about the place.  In particular it has been great to meet so many people tonight who are starting up new business or expanding; this positivity will influence all our businesses.  Avril and her team in Cork are testament to this.  During the summer Avril made a brave move of reducing our prices substantially – it paid off big time as people returned to the restaurant in their droves and the feedback has been amazing.  People said that we have gave them an excuse to dine out again, without breaking the bank!  With our new autumn menu we made the decision to keep the prices down permanently.  People have started to dine out again and we want to give them every reason to return to Cafe Bar Deli again and again.”

Guests enjoyed a Prosecco drinks reception on arrival, and were treated to bite-sized canapés from Café Bar Deli’s new autumn menu.  Colin McLean, one of Ireland’s leading classical guitarists provided the musical entertainment; while guests also heard inspirational words from Deputy Lord Mayor, Cllr. Ken O’Flynn and Deputy President of Cork Chamber, Denise O’Callaghan.

Deputy Lord Mayor, Cllr. Ken O’Flynn congratulated the team at Café Bar Deli on their positive initiative saying “It’s great to see so many familiar, and new faces of Cork business here this evening; it goes to show that business people are looking forward rather than focusing on the past.  I’d like to commend Jay and his team for celebrating this brighter future with us.”

Speaking at the event, Denise O’ Callaghan, Deputy President of Cork Chamber and M.D. Delicious Gluten Free Bakery said “We are delighted to see Cafe Bar Deli growing its business and welcome them as a new member of the Cork Chamber of Commerce.  As a fellow food producer at Delicious Gluten Free Bakery, I agree with the point raised by Jay, in that we must work together to overcome the challenges in the food and hospitality sectors.  Cork Chamber provides a great support network for Cork companies at every stage of their business and we are delighted to see such success stories amongst our members.”

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