Forget Trinny & Susannah – Style Fish is all you need to become your very own Fashionista!

Forget Trinny & Susannah – Style Fish is all you need to become your very own Fashionista!

Ever feel you would love a little inspiration & direction to make the most of your shape, colours, wardrobe & your look? As women we all want to feel good, and looking good means feeling good. And now, Style Fish is here to help you feel great! 

Style Fish runs Ireland’s first dedicated Fashion School for women, offering a fun, interactive and extremely practical 7 Week Style Journey. Style Fish courses cover everything a girl needs to know to look and feel her best; from understanding your body shape and your colours, to make-up lessons and hair styling, to building your wardrobe for Autumn/ Winter fashion trends and everything in between.

Developed to show girls how to have confidence & fun with clothes and make-up, Style Fish teaches girls to develop their own style, and most importantly saves them money on expensive individual consultations and the wrong and often costly choices! While the clothes we wear will never make us who we are; what we wear and how we feel in our clothes has a huge affect on our self-confidence, and that helps make us who we are. Set up earlier this year by qualified style coach, Julie Cobbe, Style Fish aims to inspire women to find, develop and have fun with their style and beauty, making that ‘stylish’ feeling accessible to women everywhere no matter what their lifestyle or budget. Julie says “You don’t have to spend a huge amount of money on personal shoppers & consultations, Style Fish is simple, cost effective, fun and it will give you everything you need to totally transform how you feel about yourself and your style. On completion of our 7 week course, all the “students” will graduate as ‘Stylish Fish’, guaranteed.”

Every woman is unique, so each Style Fish class is fully personalised for every class member; who will receive a completely Personalised Style Fish Folder of specialised handouts, information and tips; a one-to-one body shape and colour consultation; as well as fantastic offers, discounts and deals with their very own Exclusive Style Fish Membership Card, to use when they want on what they want! Everything Style Fish does is tailor made, will save you money, and it’s all done in an inspirational and fun class setting!

Style Fish is not about buying more clothes, it’s about understanding what suits you & what doesn’t, how to put together the clothes you have and how to get away from that all too familiar ‘I’ve nothing to wear’ Syndrome. Without mentioning the dreaded ‘R’ word, Style Fish will show that it’s not money that makes a girl stylish, its understanding. Sophia Loren once said ‘A woman’s clothes should be like a barbed wire fence, serving their purpose without obstructing the view.’

Style Fish courses cost €299 and run in a number of locations including Dublin, Kildare, Laois and Tipperary, with classes running on a regular basis. Check out  for all class dates and details, or call Julie on (087) 4130336 or email for more information.

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