Businesses Urged to Go Green - Launch of ‘Resource Efficiency Guide’ to help businesses save money and the environment

Businesses Urged to Go Green - Launch of ‘Resource Efficiency Guide’ to help businesses save money and the environment

14 March 2014

New guidelines to help businesses reduce their costs, wastage and environmental footprint have been launched by Green Business in conjunction with the Environmental Protection Agency.

Green Business’s ‘Resource Efficiency Guide’, which was officially launched in Dublin this week, provides retailers with the invaluable information, guidance and tips they need to save tens of thousands of euro each year.

The guide is aimed at all retailers, from large supermarkets to small clothing shops, and is an important resource to how businesses can dramatically reduce their energy, water and waste bills.

According to James Hogan, Programme Manager with Green Business “this is the essential ‘Green bible’ for retailers of all types and sizes”

“Now more than ever, retailers should be aware of how their level of resources and wastage is effecting, not just the environment but their bottom line. No one can afford to literally see money go down the drain and the Resource Efficiency Guide shows how significant savings can be achieved merely by making small changes. For example a hot water tap left running unnecessarily for 10 minutes every hour of a working day will cost €6,000 per annum.”

In 2013, a SuperValue store in Dublin saved €27,500 per year on its electricity costs by simply switching to LED lighting.

Senator Feargal Quinn, who attended the launch of the Resource Efficiency Guide, welcomed the Green Business initiative.

“It’s a win-win situation for retailers to stay competitive by reducing their costs while reducing their environmental footprint. As a former retailer I know the extent and the cost of unnecessary wastage which is why I fully support this campaign.”

Stephen Lynam, Director of Retail Ireland also welcomed the guide which he said gave retailers the opportunity to make a valuable contribution to Ireland’s environmental sustainability.

“As Irish retail continues to struggle against the effects of declining sales, stagnant consumer demand and rising business costs, dedicated guidelines demonstrating how the retail industry can achieve significant savings by maximising the efficiency and sustainability of resources has never been so timely.”

The ‘Resource Efficiency Guide’ is available from Green Business, to order email