Mercy Miracles Appeal funds €80k Echo Machine

Mercy Miracles Appeal funds €80k Echo Machine

08 April 2015

The Mercy Hospital Foundation is delighted to announce that a new Echocardiogram machine costing €80,000 is now in place, enhancing heart and stroke services in The Mercy University Hospital, Cork.


€57,000 raised through the C103 Mercy Miracles Appeal, which took place last December, went towards funding the machine; with the remaining €23,000 coming from the Mercy Hospital Foundation’s Cardiology Fund.


With over 10,000 people in Ireland having a stroke every year; and a baby, child or young adult dying from sudden cardiac death every week, the 2014 Mercy Miracles Appeal focussed on the need the Mercy had for a new Echo machine. An Echo is an ultrasound of the heart, providing clinicians with images of how the heart functions, as well as showing up any clots or abnormalities.


Cardiac Technician, Tiago Silvertre, who operates the Echocardiogram machine explains the benefits of it: “The new Echo machine is 12 times faster than the one previously in place. This means that not only are the images of better definition and better quality, it is also possible to see more patients every day. The machine is the only one in Cork that allows clinicians to not only look at the structure of the heart, but to also see any strain on the heart. This means the machine can detect any damage done to the heart by chemotherapy for patients under-going cancer treatment, for example.”


Over the past two years The Mercy Miracles Appeal has raised almost €140,000 for heart and stroke services at the Mercy, whilst also giving the public a better understanding of what it is like to experience heart disease and stroke related illnesses.


Micheál Sheridan, CEO, Mercy Hospital Foundation said “Our mission is to support the Hospital in delivering the highest quality of patient care by raising funds to support advancements and innovation in the treatment and care of patients at the Mercy Hospital, the People’s Hospital. We promise to do our very best to provide you with a world class hospital, right on your doorstep, and this is only possible through the help of our supporters and donors, like all the staff and listeners of C103 who supported this event, as well as all the local businesses, street collectors, schools and individuals who got involved.”


Keep an eye on or call (021) 4274076 to find out how the Mercy Miracle Appeal will be making more lifesaving changes in 2015.