22 October 2008

The eyes may be romantic, communicative and expressive, mirroring a lifetime's moods, thoughts and emotions. But with the subtle muscular movements around the eye area, and the constant creasing and crinkling of the super-fine skin around it, it is extra prone to early wrinkling - not to mention puffiness, bags and shadows. Gatineau's technologically superior eye care not only keeps the skin supple, smooth and hydrated, but also provides anti-ageing therapy; and it is available at Sean Taaffe Hair & Beauty, one of Ireland's leading salons, located in the heart of Killarney.

The Beauty Experts at Sean Taaffe Hair & Beauty recommend using Gatineau's DefiLift 3D Eye Contour Lift (€59.00) when it's the passage of time you want to ‘lift off' your face - like about 10 years worth.  The age-defying, age-denying formula includes Botufix, as well as four kinds of ‘lift' ingredient. Together they create an antidote to approximately a decade of living, and literally wipes it from your face.

Botufix is a state-of-the-art, non-toxic polypeptide with an anti-stress, relaxing action that has been likened to botox. From the very first application, it soothes micro-contractions and tension around the eyes, thereby helping to minimise expression lines and add smoothness.

Also contained in the eye cream is Actiflow, a yeast extract to help reduce puffiness and circles by boosting circulation, as well as vitamins A, E and F to stimulate; sodium hyaluronate to hydrate, and allantoin to soften and soothe.

The result is fine, lightweight and rapidly absorbed - ideal for the thin, fragile skin around the eye area. From the very first application, the area is visibly smoother and more relaxed, but lines and wrinkles continue to diminish further, and skin becomes cumulatively firmer and more supple, with a few weeks of regular use.

Gatineau's DefiLift 3D Eye Contour Lift retails at €59.00 at Sean Taaffe Hair & Beauty.

For further information on the Gatineau range at Sean Taaffe Hair & Beauty call 1850 TAAFFE (822333) or visit