24 November 2016

Two Irish mothers, Linda Condon and Jo Kiely have come together to launch the first season of their new children’s clothing line Funky Fitz. It is an online clothing range that offers a true to size option for the taller, broader child.


This ‘true to size’ clothing range is to suit children who, up until now, have been forced to buy clothes in one or two sizes up from their age category or in some cases have had to buy adults clothes in order to find clothing to fit them properly.


The full Funky Fitz range this season is made up of four individual collections, which ensures there is something to suit every child for every occasion. The ‘Spellbound Collection’ is truly spellbinding as it centres on a collaboration of star based prints and a bewitching colour palette to suit the winter season. The ‘Funky Fitz Prints Collection’ showcases a wonderful mix of colours and statement prints which will brighten up any girl’s wardrobe. As the temperatures drop the ‘Snuggle Soft’ collection offers a super soft option to get cosy in style this winter. The ‘Tis The Season Collection’ allows the kids to join in the Christmas festivities with fun and colourful festive prints. To compliment and complete any outfit Funky Fitz also offers a range of Skeggings, Leggings and co-ordinating Headbands.


Speaking about the range Jo explains: “As two mums who have been through the tears, tantrums and disappointments with our own children who do not conform to standard Irish sizes we are proud to say we have this fantastic collection available to kids who want to look and feel as good as their peers.”


Linda agreed with Jo and continued “When we were conducting our research we found that the majority of mothers buy a size or two up when it comes to their children’s clothes in order to get a comfortable fit. This is something that we shouldn’t need to do and often causes embarrassment and upset to the children when they can’t fit into the size for their age. We are so thrilled to have designed a clothing range that we feel will flatter and compliment the taller, broader child. We have four wonderful collections within the range so there is something for every child for every occasion. We are really excited to introduce our first “Funky Fitz Winter Collection” and hope your shopping experience with us is an enjoyable one.


The Funky Fitz collection is Irish designed and has the quality factor of being manufactured in the UK. The first season is available now and is for girls aged 7 - 14 years. It offers an affordable stylish, age appropriate range which will complete any girls’ wardrobe.'


For more information see www.funkyfitz.ie