19 October 2017

Nova Telecom, a cutting-edge, high-bandwidth connectivity service provider for businesses has officially been launched. The new business telecoms company which offers Internet, Voice and Data products is new to the market yet is already making waves among big business brands including Ballycotton Seafood, Atlas Box and Crating, Call Management and Zenith Technologies.


The new service was officially launched today and is set to create 10 new jobs in the next 12 months as it grows. Following a successful pilot rollout, Nova Telecom is now connecting business customers to its new unified MPLS network. This development allows Nova to link businesses up nationally to a single unified network using any combination of fibre optic, fibre to the cabinet, microwave or fixed wireless, depending on location. This provides unprecedented coverage and flexibility, coupled with significant cost savings.


Speaking about what makes Nova Telecom different to all its competitors, CEO, Dave Mc Donald said “We have brought years of experience in fibre and licensed microwave networks to Nova Telecom and are catering specifically to the unique needs of business customers. We offer a full range of business communications services over our national IP/MLPS network. We have unbeatable reach nationally via carrier fibre networks and our extensive network of microwave tower sites. We couple core competency with a personal level of service and unbeatable support. The service is built and managed by our Irish-based engineering, NOC and support teams, who have huge experience in the Irish market; and our team will provide a seamless experience from sales through to product delivery, right through to on-going support, something I feel as a business owner is an absolute necessity.”


The new service is already trusted by thousands of Irish and multinational business users in both the enterprise and SME sectors for mission-critical telecommunications services. John Guerin, Corporate Quality & IT Manager, Zenith Technologies has been using Nova Telecom and explains how important it is to his business operations “Connectivity and communication is the life blood of our organisation. The company's business systems are housed in Cork and accessed remotely from our offices in China, Singapore, India, Europe and USA. Our Nova connection is therefore a vital part of our infrastructure'


Adam Lipski who is head of CS/IT Support at Atlas Box & Crating explains why he chose Nova Telecom over competitors to ensure his business was safe and ahead of competitors, 'When it comes to internet services, what really matters is whether your ISP can deliver what they promise. Nova Telecom definitely can. In fact, they can deliver some of the highest speeds available. They have the means to improve and add infrastructure, create and purchase new technologies and provide customer service, as you demand it' .


Speaking at the launch, Head of Sales at Nova Telecom, Jason Spain, explained how Nova Telecom really understands the needs of businesses for both speed and seamless delivery, and how they have managed to secure both “We peer directly with leading cloud, content and service providers over multi-gigabit high-capacity direct peering links located locally in Ireland. This means that your traffic will flow to and from these networks all over private, low-latency managed infrastructure, avoiding the public internet and maintaining maximum throughput and speed for your critical cloud based applications.”


Nova Telecom specialises in business internet access services, and a full range options to suit enterprise and SME customers is now available nationwide.


For more information see www.novatelecom.ie.