15 August 2018

As almost 56,000 people receive their Leaving Cert results today (August 15th), multi-award winning James Whelan Butchers, through its Butcher Academy, is launching a new three-year Butcher Apprenticeship, which includes for the first time in Ireland, a collaboration with France’s leading Butcher Academy, the world renowned “Chambres de Métiers et de l’Artisanat”.


The opportunity is specifically relevant to young people who are looking for a more hands on and practical approach to further education, in a creative space. It’s a career that is becoming much sought after, with many Master Chefs transferring to the profession and within the James Whelan Butchers Academy at present, there are students from a wide range of backgrounds for example, engineering and finance, changing their career path to a more rewarding, creative and fulfilling profession as a Master Butcher.


The programme offers school leavers, who are interested in a career in the food industry, on-the-job training with some of the leading Master Butchers in Ireland, and with the international connectivity, it will also offer students the opportunity to travel and learn from some of the best Master Butchers in France, which has such great heritage in the craft of butchery.


On graduation, this new crop of craft butchers will take up positions within James Whelan Butchers across the business’s premium retail shops around the country, with lots of opportunities for further career progression into management as well as product and business development.


Pat Whelan, CEO of James Whelan Butchers said “In France, the craft of butchery is a highly respected profession - on a par with Master Chefs and Sommeliers. This trend is reflected in Ireland, which is why this international collaboration is an amazing opportunity for our future Irish Master Butchers” He also added “Through the three year programme we are training people who are as committed to their craft as we are to ours and giving these students this international experience and connectivity will be invaluable to their future careers."


Speaking from the French perspective, Karine Nouvet-Marie from CRMA said “ We have been following closely what James Whelan Butchers has achieved in Ireland and internationally and through this collaboration, we look forward to sharing the traditions of our trade with our Irish partners and vice versa, together passing the craft of butchery to future generations of Master Butchers in France and Ireland.”


For more information on James Whelan Butchers three year apprenticeship, visit www.jameswhelanbutchers.com, or email careers@jwb.ie