21 December 2018

In the lead up to their biggest wedding showcase of the year on January 5th, the newly refurbished Park Hotel, Dungarvan has carried out a survey on all things weddings, and some very interesting results were revealed.


One of first steps for the majority of couples when they become engaged is setting a date for the wedding, and deciding if they want a short or longer engagement. According to 33% of respondents, they were engaged for two years, while 41% of respondents were engaged for between 12 and 18 months before getting married. Only 1% of survey respondents were engaged for less than six months, a sure sign of the increasing trend towards longer engagements.


When it came to deciding on a wedding reception venue, 48% of survey respondents stated that the venue’s reputation was the most important factor when booking a venue, while 23% of respondents said the location of the venue was of most importance to them. 45% of respondents also stated that the furthest distance they were willing to travel from the wedding ceremony to the reception was 30 minutes, while 40% of respondents chose between 30 & 45 minutes.


According to 31% of respondents, they were/are willing to spend €10,000 or more on their wedding reception venue, while 30% stated they were/are willing to spend between €8,000 and €10,000. When asked if their parents would contribute to the cost of their wedding, 60% answered no, while 40% of respondents answered yes.


Whittling down the wedding invite list is always a hard task for couples, with budget being one of the major holdbacks. According to those surveyed, 48% of respondents invited between 100 and 150, while 25% of respondents invited between 150 to 200.  Another tricky part of the invite list for couples is often the amount of guests to allow parents to invite. According to those surveyed, 37% of respondent allowed/are allowing parents to invite 10 guests in total, while a number of respondents stated their parents could bring as many guests as they wanted, as they were covering their cost.


Quirky extras are always a talking point at weddings, and when asked what their preference was, 42% of survey respondents chose a photo booth to capture memorable images on the night, while 31% stated they would choose a dance floor with lights. When asked how they would like to greet guests on arrival, 52% said they would choose a cocktail table, 35% said they would choose a sweets table and 33% said they would like a keg of larger.


Having recently won the Wedding Dates’ Top Rated Wedding Venue Award 2018, the Park Hotel, Dungarvan is one of the region’s leading wedding venues. Combining a beautiful waterside location with exceptional service, the Park Hotel is a firm favourite among many. On January 5th, from 2pm to 5pm, the Park hotel will host its wedding showcase, inviting couples to view the beautifully refurbished hotel and meet with their expert wedding specialist. Couples will also have the chance to chat with the Park Hotel’s new Executive Head Chef Padraic Scully.


For further information on the Park Hotel visit www.parkhoteldungarvan.com