Youth Activists Launch Young Environmentalist Awards 2020

Youth Activists Launch Young Environmentalist Awards 2020

20 February 2020

Young People are coming together to call for awareness for biodiversity and climate change to launch this year's Young Environmentalist Awards. Eco-Dens are being held around the country for young people to pitch their environmental action projects to a judging panel of experts in advance of ECO-UNESCO's Young Environmental Awards (YEAs). 


Working with over ten thousand young people annually, ECO-UNESCO is Ireland’s Environmental Education & Youth Organisation which aims to raise environmental awareness among young people and help promote the personal development of young people through practical environmental projects and activities. In 2019, Eco-Unesco was named a Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) champion. 


The Eco-Dens will be an opportunity for young people to present their projects to an expert judging panel featuring local councillors, academics, community activists and NGOs. Students aged 10 to 18 will have the opportunity to win awards in over ten categories with an overall junior and senior project award. The Eco-Dens will begin on the 18th of March in Dublin and work its way across Cork, Galway, Limerick and Ulster. 


Elaine Nevin, CEO of ECO-UNESCO said “The Eco-Dens are a great way to create awareness of environmental issues, encouraging critical and systems thinking in young people and empowering children and young people to take action. It really helps them come up with positive solutions to our environmental problems.”


It’s the 21st year of the Young Environmentalist Awards and the theme is Biodiversity and Climate Change. It’s more important than ever that young people are environmentally conscious and the Eco-Dens and YEAs are a perfect opportunity for their work to be recognised and to be rewarded for their efforts to improve and enhance the environment.


The Young Environmentalist Awards will take place on May 21st in the Convention Centre, Dublin. 


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