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Become a "Smarter Egg" by Breaking from the Pack with a new facilitated learning programme from a Cork Based company

15 October 2009

Smarter Egg, a Cork company that offers a series of unique facilitated group learning programmes is encouraging businesses to "Break from the pack" with a new training method that helps professional people challenge existing models and thinking. The learning programme cleverly uses a selection of different types of books as part of a unique process that helps participants generate fresh ideas from active discussion with a supportive group of likeminded people.

The Break from the Pack programme is run by Aodan Enright who is a certified facilitator and business mentor. The course has been described as an "antidote to recessionary thinking". Aodan is looking for members to join the current training group which begins at the end of October at the Regus Business Centre and will run until Christmas. The course is a type of "book club" for progressive professionals who will read and discuss excerpts from acclaimed books from some of the greatest strategic thinkers in America and Europe. The ideas and topics will be explored every fortnight by the participants with a special emphasis placed on how new ideas might be applied to the individual businesses in the group. The course costs 245 which includes a set of thought provoking books and materials.

Aodan says "This learning programme will challenge people on how they view their own business. There is also an element of networking and brainstorming which adds a valuable learning dynamic to the session. The five sessions typically last for two hours each and operate over an eight week period. I've had extremely positive feedback from dozens of participants across several different sectors including those who initially proclaimed to hate reading!"

Greg Canty from Fuzion communications who recently completed the programme commented "I loved the whole programme from start to finish, it challenged my thinking and I really enjoyed the group dynamic which brought learning to a new level."Aodan is a highly regarded trainer and has had a remarkable career path which saw him hold positions in Ireland and America with EMC to being a business owner, mentor to small businesses and executive coach. He also holds an electrical engineering degree and a Masters from UCC. This was followed by a postgraduate diploma in executive coaching from the esteemed Smurfit Graduate Business School.Those interested in Breaking from the Pack should log onto for more information, call Aodan on (086(6089498 or email