Oh la la - French Grammar Made Easy!

Oh la la - French Grammar Made Easy!

17 November 2009


Teacher, education commentator and author Claire Redmond is on a mission to improve our linguistic abilities having just published her latest book French Grammar Made Easy.  One of the youngest authors of an academic textbook in Ireland, Claire has certainly stamped her trademark joie de vivre on this project.

Published by Edco, the language in the book is encouraging and positive, building students’ confidence at all times.  Indeed The Story of French is included at the beginning of the book - giving students the basic outline and relevance of the French language today.  Tips, practical advice and motivation are given for completing exercises, with the book written in a fun way from the students’ point of interest to capture their imagination.

French Grammar Made Easy engages with students on all levels, making the work visually appealing as well as explaining concepts clearly and simply through illustrations and scenarios familiar to everyone.  Key characters feature heavily through the book and the reader can follow their lives, and all the dramas, unfold as they learn. Popular references such as the X Factor, premiership footballers and aspects of popular French culture are referred to in explanations.

The book also has a cut-out-and-keep section for popular French phrases typically used on holiday.  The reader will have learned a lot of these phrases as they have been studying French and grouping them together shows them just how much they CAN say while on holiday in France.

The tone of the book is young, fresh and fun, while explaining the grammar points in detail to the reader.   I wrote it based on my own notes and hope it will be positive aide to learning a wonderful language” says Claire.

Verb tables and supplementary vocabulary are specifically chosen to help the students do the assignments in the book to the best of their ability and a ‘recap’ section, where students can monitor their progress, is included at the end of each chapter. 

A detailed index for the book is included- where all the elements of the chapter are broken down.  In this way, students can easily identify the aspect of grammar they want to study.

This book will appeal to a wide variety of people, from school goers to those beginning French for the first time.  The audio CD is also a great bonus and will help guide the reader through the various different stages of learning,” she added.

French Grammar Made Easy – Claire Redmond

ISBN:   1845362799

Available from all good bookstores and from www.edco.ie

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