SOCCERADE Launch of “Smart Energy Drink” – designed for Professionals, but also used by Fans

SOCCERADE Launch of “Smart Energy Drink” – designed for Professionals, but also used by Fans

25 October 2010

It sounds like the impossible,  a cool, desirable sports drink, promoted by arguably the best soccer player in the world, while at the same time, ticks the box for Mums with its total lack of additives, preservatives and other "nasties" that have children climbing the walls!  This new “Smart Energy Drink” Soccerade, endorsed by Cristiano Ronaldo is now available in Ireland, through Dunnes,  Spar and Londis and is being introduced as a healthy alternative to other sports and energy drinks on the market. 

Cristiano Ronaldo also sits on the Supervisory Board of the Brand and his experience and insight into top-level soccer has proven invaluable to the brand.  At the recent international launch of the brand in Spain Ronaldo stated “In soccer we need more durable players and we all must be able to perform for more than 90 minutes.  Soccerade helps me maintain my energy to the finish and beyond and I am a better player because of it.”Soccerade was designed due to increased demand for non-artificial products for athletes and the general population.  

With advanced technology but using totally natural ingredients, it offers gentle energy which means that it can be used by people of all ages, from children to professional athletes.

The science behind the new “Smart Energy” is that the drink provides the body with stable blood sugar and a body with stable blood sugar is more likely to have better focus and attention plus more energy and endurance for both body and brain. Stable blood sugar also reduces the craving for sweets, thus assisting in losing or maintaining healthy body weight.As a natural product it contains no preservatives, artificial colours, caffeine, or other stimulating substances, which can have harmful effects both in the short and long term.  Therefore it is fit for daily activities and has an advantage over many energy drink brands that use caffeine, taurine and single sugars.

Professional Fitness Experts agree with Ronaldo and Soccerade is now the official drink of soccer teams across the UK, including Newcastle FC and Derby County FC.  Nigel Ashley Jones, Strength & Conditioning Coach at Derby County FC stated “The water based quality of the drink allows for better hydration unlike other sports drinks. It quenches thirst directly and ticks all boxes for us scientifically. It has fantastic flavours and most importantly the players enjoy it and indeed benefit physically from it.

Soccerade is available nationwide through Dunnes Stores, Spar and Londis.  For more information visit