Finding the “right” solicitor at the “right” price has just become a whole lot easier with new online service,

Finding the “right” solicitor at the “right” price has just become a whole lot easier with new online service,

24 June 2013

In an ever changing legal landscape, the search for the "right" solicitor at a competitive price has just become much simpler with the launch of, a FREE online service designed to help consumers find the most suitable solicitor to meet any, and all of their legal needs.

Choice, convenience, value and expertise are key when choosing a solicitor, and nowadays consumers and businesses are looking more and more online for solutions. Last month saw over 18,000 Google searches for the word "solicitor" in Dublin alone. is a one stop shop to meet all consumers' and businesses legal needs when on the hunt for the right solicitor.

The unique concept is entirely different to the usual solicitor directory listings, price comparison or referral sites, in that it is personalised and interactive. With consumers simply select the type of legal requirement they have, and then confidentially complete a fully customised questionnaire, where they even have the option to upload relevant documents free of charge. This confidential questionnaire is then made available through the website to relevant solicitors in their area, who can engage with that consumer or business and gather any additional information they might require to best respond to the enquiry. The solicitor then responds with their quote for their background experience, and crucially, their quote to carry out the work. Once the customer has chosen their solicitor, an appointment can be arranged and the matter continues off the site and in the normal way. Most of the initial fact finding and suitability matching will have been dealt with at this stage as a result of the thorough online process and the customer has the satisfaction of knowing that they have a competitive fee quote with the best qualified solicitor for the job. was designed by a team of legal, accounting and IT professionals who saw the need to make life easier for consumers looking for legal advice.  The team behind this very practical service are very experienced and it is their interesting mix of skills that has resulted in such a unique service offering. 

David Reilly, CEO of is the founder of the project and a practising solicitor with over 15 years' experience working in the UK and Ireland, and he now runs his own commercial law  practice, Reilly & Co in Clonakilty in West Cork. He has seen first-hand the frustration that customers have in finding the right solution.  He said "Shopping around for the best solicitor at the best price is something that is becoming more the norm, but it is difficult and time consuming. With our unique service we believe we can drastically improve consumers' and businesses experience with legal professionals - with better choice and a more thorough briefing, clients will find the best solicitor for their requirements quickly and at a competitive rate, which will ultimately yield better results for them and their experience with the legal profession. - In addition, solicitors who have signed up to use the service have a business generation tool which will improve the competiveness and success of their law practice."

Andrew Doyle, Marketing Director of and the IT specialist behind the project said "This is much more than a directory listing for solicitors; it provides a real solution to a real problem for consumers and businesses. A considerable amount of time has gone into the Q&A software system, which has been carefully devised to identify the relevant information as early as possible for every possible legal scenario, helping consumers and businesses to make an informed choice and avoiding costly mistakes by choosing the "wrong" solicitor. It's about making the right choice of solicitor, not necessarily the cheapest."

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