Irish Company TeamworkPM experiences great success in New Zealand Market!

Irish Company TeamworkPM experiences great success in New Zealand Market!

03 September 2013

Digital Crew the Irish company who developed Teamwork Project Management (PM), a cloud based project management application are expanding at an extraordinary rate as the application it is quickly becoming the project management software application of choice both nationally and internationally. The Cork based company show no sign of slowing down as it announces ‘great success’ after its expansion into the New Zealand market.

The new office was officially opened in Tauranga, New Zealand in March 2013 and has already had a huge impact on clients on the west coast of America and Australia due to their ability now to provide a rapid customer response 24hrs a day across many different time zones. This, in turn has lead to a significant increase in business on that side of the world which to date had proved difficult to achieve being based in Europe alone.

New Zealand born Sam Kidd, one of the original members of the Digital Crew team is delighted with the new office and its success so far “making the decision to move to New Zealand and open up a new office was a tough one, but we have been really happy with the benefits it has already provided our customers with. While the main development still takes place back in Ireland, over time we hope to grow our staff numbers here in New Zealand to assist support and further development of the software”

Teamwork PM is an easy-to-use, cloud based teamwork and project management software application that helps managers, staff and clients to work more productively online. Since its launch 5 years ago in Cork, Ireland, their success has surpassed all expectations having secured a diverse range of customers on both a national and international scale, some of their high profile clients to date include, Pfizer, PayPal, Universal studios, Disney, EBay, Sony, Pepsi and Microsoft.

Co-founder Peter Coppinger, who is located in Cork stated “prompt customer response has been one of our key principles, which has led to continuous improvement and high levels of customer satisfaction. When your commitment to service is a priority it made the decision to open an office in New Zealand an easy one”.